The Woodie - how a necessity became a cult feature!

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Woodie Woody Wood Inlays Tuning Car The Woodie became a cult feature out of necessity!

A woodie (woody) is originally a type of station wagon in which parts of the car were made of wood or later of materials with a wood look. Originally it was the rear body that was made of wood. The style quickly became a cult and is still widely imitated today. Even if instead of real wood, a different material is used that only shines in a "wood look". Whether young or old such a car is and remains a real eye-catcher. Originally it was just a wooden frame that was used to make the production of the car body cheaper.

Look at the story

Woodie Woody Wood Inlays Tuning Auto2 The Woodie has become a cult feature!

This was so in the 1930er and 1940er years. The origins of the Woodie are also at this time. At that time, it was the shortage of raw materials that led to the fact that the manufacturers resorted to wood, as in the early days of the car industry. At that time, many parts of a car made of wood. Woodies were especially popular in the US during the 1930 and 1940 years. The basic construction was, as already mentioned, a station wagon. Later, limousines and cabriolets as well as vans with wooden parts were built. It was not just original cars from carmakers traveling the streets. Rather, Woodies were after the end of the raw material scarcity mainly conversions. These conversions were taken over by bodybuilders who worked with carpenters and other local artisans on behalf of customers. In the 1930er and 1940er years conversions to the Woodie were manufactured only in limited quantity.

However, after the end of the 1940 years, the woodies were largely displaced, by structures made entirely of steel. The safety needs of consumers grew as traffic on the streets increased. But even in the 1950er Woodies were built ex works, mostly as station wagon. Later, but not anymore. Only a few car makers offered from the middle of the 50er years standard woodies. However, some carmakers remained true to the Woodie and offered several models with a wood grain to the early 1990er years. Since then, only a few new or revised Woodie models have come onto the market. Because there were simply too few cars of this kind sold. The last real Woodie mass production was discontinued on 1971. Since then, Woodie has been considered a cult car in the USA. 1995 even released the US Postal Service a 15-cent mark reminiscent of the Woodies.

Constantly improved processing

If one takes one of the early Woodie models, this actually has some safety flaws. Because where the body was worked with wood instead of steel, the danger of damage was quite high. Later, for example, wood components and painted aluminum panels or steel panels as well as synthetic wood components were used for the Woodie models. The appearance of the wood grain, however, improved steadily. From a distance, it was hardly possible to tell from the 1970 years on the models, whether it was real wood or another material with an applied wood grain.

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Woodie Woody Wood Inlays Tuning Auto3 The Woodie has become a cult feature!

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