Retrofit exhaust flap control on a standard system?

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Is it possible to have a flap control, for example with a standard exhaust system with exhaust flaps, actually upgrade? And if YES, why should you do that? Basic answer: JA a flap control can also be retrofitted to the standard system. That it's the flap control in particular with sports exhaust systems from third-party suppliers there is nothing new. That here also often the flaps by means of remote control more or less legally can be controlled, this is not new either. However, if you ask yourself whether such a retrofit makes sense and can be carried out with a factory flap system, you should read on.

Retrofit flap control

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From the factory there is usually not a legal option the retrofitting of being able to control the factory flap exhaust system manually if this is not what the manufacturer wanted and was listed/considered in the entire operating permit for the vehicle. That means that the BMW M5 (F90) cannot open and close the flaps of its exhaust system separately ex works via the iDrive or the driving mode switch, then one is reprogramming In any case illegal. However, this also means that it is possible in principle for many (almost all) vehicles with a factory flap system. And if it cannot be implemented via the vehicle's software, various third-party providers will provide the solution. Here, for example, there are systems that use small Extrabox enable an additional function in the vehicle menu, or there are systems that independent of the vehicle work with a remote control or smartphone app, for example.

Feed signal or an additional system?

Depending on the vehicle, you can use such an additional box, for example double occupancy of a switch/button/menu item in the vehicle. If you install such a box for the flap system, then the switch for the cruise control when deactivated is used to open or close the flap. Depending on the vehicle, provider and personal preference, the way it works and how it is implemented vary. Another alternative is a independent system. Here, an additional box is usually installed in the rear of the vehicle and coupled with the original connections of the flap system. The box can then be controlled using a smartphone app or remote control and the flaps of the exhaust system can be opened and closed. And in principle both variants are also for damper systems from accessory manufacturers available. But let's stay with the series system!

Can almost always be implemented in plug-and-play mode!

Such a flap control kit usually consists of the vehicle-specific cable set and the hand-held transmitter/app. The cable set is installed in the vehicle and the system then works independent from the standard driving mode of the vehicle. Such a system also does not interfere with the CAN bus necessary, but can be installed plug-and-play with the original plugs.

When driving under full load, for example, you can close the flaps completely or open them at the push of a button when idling. Of course, use is always at your own risk and the manufacturer accepts no liability for damage. Damage to the vehicle can occur precisely when the flaps are closed under load. And of course you have to consider that such a system is always delivered without an expert opinion and with it is not permitted in the area of ​​the StVZO.

Retrofitting the exhaust valve control: the facts!

  • Individual processing of the exhaust system is possible for almost all vehicles with a standard flap system.
  • The sound can usually be adjusted as desired, both with the flap closed and open. (automatic flap control is overridden and replaced by manual control, for example with a remote control)
  • Vehicles without a flap system ex works can also be adapted. Standard or sports exhaust systems can be converted to valve control with remote control.
  • common controls
    – Radio remote control: The exhaust flaps are opened and closed with a radio remote control.
    – Original switch: Controls the flaps with an existing original switch from the interior.
  • Depending on where the flap exhaust is installed, an even louder sound can be generated. For example between the cat and the front silencer. The exhaust system with flap is usually found between the front and rear silencer.

popular functions of common systems

  • Control independent of driving mode
  • Series mode (module deactivated) also beyond vehicle start
  • freely programmable start mode

Flap exhaust from Insideperform

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