Information about the general operating permit (ABE)

General operating permit ABE approval tuning

Anyone who implements tuning measures must pay attention to the general operating permit (ABE) for the vehicle. Motorists would like to have it faster, deeper, wider and more individual, motorcyclists often want a richer sound and a bolder design. All this is allowed within the limits of ABE. The large legal basis creates the StVZO.

Pandem widebody Nissan GT R tuning ADV.1 rims 8 1

What is required under the Road Traffic Licensing Regulations?

The safety checks after a tuning are provided by various test certificates. This includes:

  • ABE (General Operating Permit)
  • TGA (parts report)
  • ABG (General Type Approval)
  • Supplements for vehicle approval
  • EC or ECE approval

These test certificates contain installation instructions as well as restrictions and requirements. Several tuning parts may only be installed in certain vehicle types that are listed in the test certificate. The test is carried out by experts from TÜV, DEKRA, GTÜ, KÜS or other recognized expert organizations. They check for proper installation and compliance with restrictions and requirements. If everything is alright, the driver receives the "crop certificate". Modifications are not required for parts with EC / ECE approval unless specifically requested in the permit. If this change request is required, the next trip must be taken immediately after tuning to the expert. In the future, the driver should then always carry the approval documents and the cultivation certificate.

TÜV test center

When could the general operating permit expire?

Normally, tuning workshops promise that the parts they use will easily survive any approval process. That's true almost always, but there are tuning measures that affect each other so negatively that the ABE could go out. Now a single (serious) Tuning Workshop does not perform such measures on a car at the same time, but who claimed different workshops, could be installed contradictory parts, without the workshop master has to remember. These are for example certain wheel / tire combinations that do not fit the chassis or a smaller sports steering wheel.

Momo sport steering wheel tuning

Test certificates also mention the permissibility of parts combinations. Here the driver himself is required, who should carefully study these test certificates. Anyone who knows before tuning that he must have the vehicle then subjected to the assessment in accordance with § 21 StVZO, can seek advance advice from an expert. This is especially true for very extensive conversions. ABE or parts certificate? What is the difference? We have also dealt with this topic. You can find everything HERE.

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