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More power is never wrong, upgrade with turbo or compressor

KMC Wheels Ford F 150 Pickup Whipple compressor tuning 11

turbocharger_keywordEngine supercharging with a compressor and turbocharger is a popular means of increasing engine performance. The increase in performance is achieved by supplying air with increased pressure.

More pressure means a higher degree of filling and therefore more air is available for the combustion of the fuel. The suction work can be converted into useful work by the higher pressure.

We tell you what engine supercharging / compressor and turbocharger means!

compressor keywordThe compressed air sucked in by the engine can be increased by flow vibrations, fans, turbos or even compressors. However, it should be noted that the engine is charged with higher thermal and mechanical loads due to the engine charging with compressor and turbocharger.

Limits are set by material and constructional possibilities. 90% of all modern engines are due to the supercharging with compressor and turbocharger in consumption with the same performance as engines without supercharging.

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Callaway TVS1740 compressor SC410 tuning

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Classic design - wire-spoke wheels on the vehicle!

Wire spoke wheels Wire spoke rims Wire Wheels e1582187794446 310x165 Classic design wire spoke wheels on the vehicle!

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Burnout Instructions Kavalierstart 310x165 For the rocket start the launch control in the vehicle!

More safety in the car with an emergency brake assistant!

Emergency brake assistant retrofitting tuning collision warning e1582183129330 310x165 More safety in the car with an emergency brake assistant!

Top speed - the conversion to a long gear!

Speed ​​limit 300 kmh Autobahn sign 310x165 More maximum speed the conversion to a long gearbox!

Protection not only from animals - the corrugated pipe for the cable!

Corrugated tube marten protection insulation protection e1582033930443 310x165 Protection not only from animals the corrugated tube for the cable!

Wide - the crazy elbow wheels tuning rims!

Elbow Wheels Wire poke rim spokes TUning 3 e1582099359497 310x165 Spread the crazy Elbow Wheels tuning rims!

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