Can you change the steering ratio? What do you have to consider?

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Ferrari F136 V8 engine in the Toyota GT86 Drift Car Can you change the steering ratio? What do you have to consider?

The steering ratio determines the steering angle of the wheels and the turning circle of the vehicle. In general, a more direct steering is possible with a small steering ratio than with a large steering ratio. In the racing and tuning sector, a direct steering ratio is of course preferred. Especially if you are in the Drift sport is active and also one Steering angle kit is in use or wants to block it. The topic of changing the steering ratio is discussed in more detail below.

Steering ratio - change possible?

Steering gear ratio Steering ratio tuning e1599735193525 Can you change the steering ratio? What do you have to consider?

To change the steering ratio, you have to Steering gear change. This means that a completely different steering gear has to be installed. However, it is questionable whether the installation of a different steering gear, which is not installed as standard by the manufacturer, is permitted in public road traffic. The complete conversion of the steering gear also requires space. If it is a rack and pinion steering gear, a larger pinion must be installed in order to make the steering ratio more direct. This can lead to space problems. Furthermore, changing the steering ratio due to the necessary conversion work on the vehicle is also a question of cost. The legal aspect is of course not relevant for competition vehicles.

Active steering adjusts the steering ratio

Momo sports steering wheel tuning Can you change the steering ratio? What do you have to consider?

The steering ratio is actively adjusted in certain car models. For example, BMW works with active steering. The steering adapts to the speed of the vehicle and reacts more indirectly at higher speeds. This means that the steering ratio does not react to every little steering wheel wobble and the car does not quickly get off track at high speeds. At lower speeds and when parking, the steering ratio reacts more directly. The heavy cranking is no longer necessary and it should be easier to park the car. Other manufacturers such as Mercedes, Audi and VW naturally have very similar systems. However, active steering is often not installed in older vehicles.

Steering ratio of older vehicles

Older vehicles don't always have one Power Steeringso that the steering ratio is generally worse. Modifications in the tuning area, such as better springs and changing the wheels, can possibly improve the steering ratio. A specialist or tuning workshop should clarify whether a change in the steering ratio in older vehicles is possible or useful. It always depends on the area of ​​application (Subject: competition vehicles). Shorter steering gears for vehicles are available from specialist dealers for the racing sector. When buying and installing the shorter steering gears, comparatively high costs are to be expected. Furthermore, the shorter steering gears may not offer any power assistance.

Change the steering ratio - conclusion

2JZ Motor Tuning Drift Car Ford Mustang GT 10 Can you change the steering ratio? What do you have to consider?

The steering ratio is decisive for the turning circle of a vehicle. Direct steering ratios are particularly important in the racing and tuning sector (e.g. in Drift cars) asked. However, indirect steering ratios are also of interest on the motorway so that the vehicle does not immediately change lanes if the steering wheel is moved a little. Many manufacturers therefore use systems such as Active Steering (BMW) to independently adjust the steering ratio. However, changing the steering ratio is very costly and requires, for example, the conversion of the steering gear. Furthermore, it is questionable whether a third-party steering gear that is not built in series by the manufacturer or is technically identical in construction may be driven in a vehicle.

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