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1964 Dodge D100 with HEMI-V8 as a patina muscle truck!

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1964 Dodge D100 with HEMI V8 as Patina Muscle Truck 7 1964 Dodge D100 with HEMI V8 as Patina Muscle Truck!

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A Mopar truck with large area Patina sounds like a dream to many oldie fans that is too good to be true. Yes, this one Dodge D100 from 1964 (SLAMD-RAM /slammed_64), the one with a modern 392 cu. in. large HEMI V8 suction gasoline engine is a dream come true on four wheels for most US car fans. One must also bear in mind that the muscle car fever broke out at Dodge as early as the 1960s, and by that time large-volume V8 engines with up to 7 liters of displacement were already being stuffed into conventional production pickups. Also individual seats instead of a full-length bench as well Rally stripes and a sports package was already available at a surcharge for the sportiest truck models from Dodge. The example we presented does not have these features, but it can be seen that the Dodge D100 is a veritable muscle truck, which the modern HEMI-V8 looks good on.

Patina look and 22 incher

Owner Tony Leal, who converted the Dodge from a workhorse to a show truck, even presented the vehicle at the SEMA in Las Vegas in 2019. This was also the last SEMA show to date, as it was due to the global corona crisis had to fail in 2020. Das Chassis of the truck is from the company Porterbuilt Fabrication specially made for the vehicle. The D100 also rolls up 22-inch alloy wheels in golden look, which from Avant Garde Wheels were manufactured. Also, of course, was a Airride chassis built in to push the Dodge as deep as possible onto the asphalt.

The owner succeeded in doing this, as the truck is in the Zero bar position felt only millimeters above the asphalt. The light blue paintwork with a strong patina, which is of course original and has formed over the decades, looks good on the pickup, and at first glance the vehicle looks as if it was not yet completed as a project. In addition, the truck stands out pleasantly from the High-gloss restomods which one gets to see far too often in the US car scene.

Perfectly restored in the interior.

The interior was against it can not be left in the patina look, but on gloss polished, and completely restored. Saddle brown leather seats as well as a wood steering wheel with chrome spokes ensure a classic appearance and a classy retro ambience. Unfortunately, we are not aware of modern goodies that significantly increase comfort and safety.

HEMI-V8 with 392 cu. in. for powerful power.

The modern one 6,4 liter V8 petrol engine from the Dodge shelf does not require a compressor or turbo, and thanks to its cubic capacity it generates a considerable amount of power + 450 PS. A very special treat is that Exhaust system with the side pipeswhich blow their exhaust gases out to the side behind the rear axle. Most likely, with a conventional exhaust system, it would not have been possible to put the Dodge so low that it almost touches the tarmac. The model is certainly far too good for the dragstrip, although there would be enough power to cut a good figure there.

1964 Dodge D100 with HEMI V8 as Patina Muscle Truck 10 1964 Dodge D100 with HEMI V8 as Patina Muscle Truck!

Our conclusion on the 1964 Dodge D100:

A distinctive eye-catcher that you don't see every day, and that gives the viewer a different perspective on the restomod culture than a finely polished, shiny oldie that looks like it's brand new. We are enthusiastic about the work that Tony Leal has created, and if you like it too, then you can click on the corresponding picture gallery that we have attached. If we get more information about the changes, there will of course be an update for this report. You will be informed of this if you simply use ours Feed subscribe to. Have fun watching the pictures and stay true to us!

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