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Patina Tuning - Rusty look in a modern look

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Restomod Patina 1966 Chevy C10 Forgiato V8 Tuning 4 Patina Tuning Rusty look in a modern guise

If you have your own car, you will naturally clean it regularly and make sure that everything works properly. However, there are also car owners who are not completely satisfied with the basic equipment of the vehicle and make some changes. In such cases, it is well known that tuning is used. There are almost no limits to the imagination, as long as the TÜV has no objection to the changes made to the vehicle. One of the latest trends in this field is the so-called Patina tuning, What is the meaning of this? The cars look like they've been dug out of the barn and as if they were not driving 100 meters. Of course, this impression is deceptive, because this appearance is deliberately chosen.

What is patina tuning?

Restomod Patina 1966 Chevy C10 Forgiato V8 Tuning 9 Patina Tuning Rusty look in a modern guise

The patina tuning usually refers to the external appearance, more specifically to the paint. Patina can be translated with the words Edelrost. It is therefore chosen a paint that reflects the rust-look or alternatively a foil. Of course, this look provides a lot of attention and attention. This trend, how can it be otherwise, comes from the United States of America. Especially with the older vehicles, the patina tuning is often and gladly used. In Germany, this type of tuning is not yet widespread. However, demand has been steadily rising for months. In this tuning, either a very special car paint is applied, which provides the rusty look, or you sealed the original sheet dress with clear coat and thus receives the popular patina. Under the paint, of course, hides in most cases, a state-of-the-art vehicle with loads of extras. Of course, the aim of tuning is to reap many jealous glances. With the patina tuning such looks are guaranteed in any case. When such a vehicle rolls over the roads, the traffic usually stops short. The passers-by do not trust their eyes and have to look twice.

Rusty look in a modern guise

With patina tuning, individual car parts can of course also be provided with the special paint. For example, when you completely restore a pickup, but leave the loading area in its old look and seal it. But it's much cooler when the entire vehicle is presented in this style. And as already mentioned, painting does not always have to be carried out, in the meantime there are also very high-quality and therefore long-lasting films with a patina look. This variant is of course a little cheaper for tuners than a complete paint job on the car.

If you can't do anything with this information about the patina look, you should inquire about it on the Internet. Patina Tuning's fan base is growing all the time. No wonder, because the patina gives the vehicle a very special appearance and charm. If you want something very special, Patina Tuning is the right thing for you. PS: This creates an artificial patina.

WrapZone Rat Look Audi R8 V10 Iron Man Rust Foil by Skepple Tuning 2 Patina Tuning Rusty look in a modern look

Of course that had not happened yet!

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