Thursday 21st October 2021

Ariel Motor Company Ltd.

Ariel - purist always goes. In the year 1991, Simon Saunders founded his sports car manufacturer as Solocrest Ltd. 8 Years later, the name became Ariel Motor Company Ltd. converted. Ariel is one of the UK's smallest automakers, with only 19 employees producing only around 100 vehicles per year. The company builds the Ariel Atom, currently the lightest mass-produced automobile in the world, which only brings about 490 kg on the scales and completely waived bodywork and roof. That said, the Ariel Atom's power-to-weight ratio is in the strongest version, the 3.5 R Supercharged at 1,4 kg / hp. These are values ​​that are on par with a Bugatti Veyron and make most supercars look old. At the Autosport International Show in January 2015 the Nomad, an off-road buggy built on the same principle as the Atom, and basically just raised, and was equipped with off-road tires. The Nomad has a 2,4-liter petrol engine from Honda with 235 PS. Tuning is also a simple matter with the Honda engines that Ariel uses, but the lack of bodywork makes parts for vehicle tuning almost impossible to obtain.