Alpine A110 R: radical athlete with technology from the racetrack!

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Alpine A110 R 2023 Tuning 2

Less weight, more downforce, more speed: With the A110 R, Alpine is pushing the limits of its mid-engine model further towards racing. The special series, limited to 100 units, weighs 1.082 kilograms, another 34 kilograms less than the previous top model, the A110 S. A new front end with an integrated spoiler lip, an optimized diffuser and a rear wing with gooseneck supports ensure the greatest possible driving stability at high speeds and, compared to the A110 S with Aero Kit at the same time reduces drag by five percent. As a result, the 221 kW/300 hp A110 R sprints from 3,9 to 0 km/h in just 100 seconds and has a top speed of 285 km/h. The A110 R can be reserved via the Alpine app from October 5th.

Alpine A110R

When developing the A110 R, the engineers relied on the latest wind tunnel technology from Formula 1. The goal was an optimal balance between contact pressure and air resistance. To do this, they equipped the front end of the A110 R with the same carbon fiber spoiler lip as the aero kit of the A110 S and also integrated air intake openings that produce an additional 14 kilograms of downforce at the front. At the same time, they reduce air resistance and thus contribute to the higher top speed.

The developers also subjected the diffuser to a thorough overhaul. In addition to being lighter, the aerodynamic element made entirely of carbon and glass fiber is characterized by its greater width. This causes a faster air flow and thus more vacuum below the vehicle. Vertical flaps, as well as the inner lining of the wheels, reduce disruptive air turbulence. In addition, newly designed underbody fins channel the airflow to the diffuser even more effectively. The effectiveness of the diffuser and the flat underbody also increase clad wheel suspensions at the rear.

More downforce through modified rear spoiler

Alpine A110 R 2023 Tuning 7

The rear spoiler of the A110 R is attached to so-called gooseneck brackets. These not only ensure a sporty look, but also greater aerodynamic efficiency by reducing the lift on the underside of the spoiler. The shape of the wing is the same as its counterpart on the A110 S, but is positioned further back and has a lower angle of attack, which reduces drag. All in all, the Alpine developers gained 29 kilograms of additional downforce at the rear of the vehicle at top speed.

Alpine A110 R 2023 Tuning 5

As a further aerodynamic measure, special side skirts made of carbon fiber enlarge the underbody. The additional surface ensures less turbulence over the entire length of the vehicle. In order to further calm the air flow and thus create additional driving stability, the rocker panel rises in the area of ​​the rear wheels. Visually, the new rocker panels connect the front lip with the rear diffuser.

Alpine A110 R 2023 Tuning 4

The exhaust system of the A110 R is also modified in detail. A 3D-printed double wall on the tailpipe protects the area from the heat of the exhaust gases. Thanks to a modified shape and the elimination of the exhaust flap, the system also produces a powerful and harmonious sound. The driver and front passenger can enjoy an unfiltered sound experience thanks to the lighter aluminum bulkhead to the engine compartment and the removal of the noise insulation.

Extensive use of carbon fiber

The A110 R also marks an increase in the brand-typical lightweight construction. Thanks to the extensive use of carbon fiber inside and out, the new Alpine A110 R weighs just 1.082 kilograms. With a power-to-weight ratio of 3,6 kg/hp, it covers 1.000 meters from a standing start in just 21,9 seconds, making it one of the fastest in its category.

Alpine A110 R 2023 Tuning 8

Among other things, the front hood is made entirely of carbon fiber. In addition to a weight saving of 2,9 kilograms, this ensures a sporty look. In addition, two air inlets, which serve to optimize aerodynamics, sharpen the design. The wheels, specially developed for the A110 R together with the French racing prototype manufacturer Duqueine, are also made entirely of carbon fiber and are 12,5 kilograms lighter than their counterparts on the A110 S. Their unique shape reduces drag and improves brake cooling.

Alpine A110 R 2023 Tuning 7

The carbon rear cover with two air inlets for the engine instead of the standard rear window also contributes to the radically sporty character of the A110 R. The Sabelt® seat shells of the new A110 R with 6-point safety belts are also made of carbon fiber and reduce the vehicle weight by another five kilograms.

Faster than ever: from 0 to 100 km/h in 3,9 seconds

In the A110 R, Alpine combines uncompromising lightweight construction and highly efficient aerodynamics with a powerful drive. The new top model of the series uses the performance level of the 110-liter turbo engine with 1,8 kW/221 hp at 300 rpm, which is already known from the A6.300 S. The four-cylinder coupled with a 1-speed dual-clutch transmission already mobilizes its maximum torque of 7 Nm at 340 rpm and accelerates the two-seater with launch control from 2.400 to 1 km/h in just 3,9 seconds. At 0 km/h, the A100 R also sets a new record for the A285 model portfolio.

Alpine A110 R 2023 Tuning 1

A flawless sports chassis optimized for use on the race track brings the performance to the asphalt. These include hydraulically adjustable shock absorbers, with which the body can be manually lowered by ten millimeters compared to the A110 S exclusively for use on the race track with the wheels removed. At the same time, the rebound and compression stages of the dampers can be varied 20 times using a click ring for maximum performance on the race track. In addition, the developers increased the stiffness of the anti-roll bars by ten percent at the front and by 25 percent at the rear. The springs all around are also designed to be ten percent stiffer.

Alpine A110 R 2023 Tuning 21

The elaborately designed chassis is supplemented by standard Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 semi-slick tires (215/40 R18 at the front and 245/40 R18 at the rear) with road approval. Compared to standard tires, the semi-slicks have a reinforced structure and 15 percent more grip, which is reflected, among other things, in greater cornering stability and a longer service life when used frequently on closed circuits. All in all, they bring a time advantage of 0,5 seconds per kilometer in racing.

Gripping brakes

A Brembo® high-performance brake system with 110 mm composite discs at the front and rear ensures optimal deceleration of the A320 R. Air guide vanes on both sides of the upper wishbones at the front and air ducts branching off from the underbody guarantee brake cooling that has been improved by a further 20 percent.

Alpine A110 R 2023 Tuning 3

To increase driving pleasure, the driver can vary the engine, transmission, steering and gas pedal characteristics, the exhaust sound and the intervention parameters of the Electronic Stability Program ESP. There are three different driving programs to choose from: "Normal", "Sport" and "Track". The latter is optimized for driving on the racetrack, with faster gear changes that can only be controlled via the paddle shifters on the steering wheel. Experienced drivers can deactivate the ESP for fast lap times and targeted drifts.

Interior with racing elements

The interior of the Alpine A110 R, including the steering wheel and seat shells, is completely lined with microfibre fabric. Instead of the usual handles, there are red straps for closing the doors, a borrowing from the world of motorsport. A plaque on the center console indicates the model's exclusive character. The standard equipment includes, among other things, the on-board telemetry system "Alpine Telemetrics", which displays boost pressure, transmission temperature, acceleration values, torque, power, steering angle and other technical data in real time. The integrated chronograph can be used to measure and record lap times on the race track. The launch color "Matt Racing Blue" corresponds to the color scheme of the current Alpine Formula 1 car A522. The all-carbon roof is painted gloss black.

Technical data

Motor1,8-liter in-line four-cylinder with turbocharging and four-valve technology
Performance300 PS
power to weight ratio3,6 kg / hp
Acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h3,9 s
maximum torque340 Nm from 2.400-6.000 rpm
top speed285 km/h
landing gearNewly calibrated anti-roll bars, 10% stiffer coil springs, shock absorbers with adjustable rebound and compression stages, 10 mm lower body, another 10 mm lowering possible on the race track
Tare1.082 kg
BrakesBrembo® high performance brakes
TiresMichelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 semi-slicks 215/40 R 18 at the front and 245/40 R18 at the rear
Rims18 inch carbon fiber rims
SeatsSabelt® Track bucket seats with height and fore/aft adjustment on the driver's side and microfibre upholstery in carbon black with gray topstitching

Alpine A110 R 2023 Tuning 15

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New top model with uncompromising lightweight construction
The new Alpine A110 R: radical athlete with technology from the race track
Photo credit: Alpine
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