Brabus Smart Crossblade: a collector's item is for sale!

The Smart crossblade, strictly limited to just 2.000 vehicles and from Brabus tuned, showed that Smart isn't just known for cute little city cars. In 2003 he showed that the manufacturer certainly had a sense of fun. Currently one of the vehicles, the car with the number 1.722 of the 2.000 built, is proud $58.500 (approx. 53.500 EUR) offered for sale. Although it was never officially sold in the United States, the special runabout found its way to the United States via Mexico. Actually presented as a concept car at the Geneva Motor Show in 2001, it was a surprise Smart crossblade all by maturing from a show vehicle to a production car.

Brabus Smart crossblade

At that time, Smart's design team received the instruction to create the concept vehicle as close to series production as possible to hold in case it would resonate with the audience. And in fact: the response was so positive that a year later Smart promised to put the open-top car into production. What makes the Crossblade so special is its Door crosses instead of conventional doors, the small windshield, Roll bar and his overall extremely unconventional appearance. And a particular highlight is that of Brabus tuned engine, which despite “only” 70 hp (52 kW/71 hp) still has 10 hp (7,4 kW/10,1 hp) more than the series at the time. Despite its visual coolness, this copy has some defects according to the sales advertisement: namely in the form of Underbody rust and peeling paint on the Calipers.

the car appears to have been driven

The “defects” reflect its age and the fact that the car appears to have been exposed to the elements. The dashboard also shows some signs of time. Nevertheless, the Brabus Smart Crossblade is one in one from the pictures decent condition and it is guaranteed to attract a lot of attention. Whether the special Crossblade is worth the investment of over EUR 50.000 ultimately remains a personal decision. However, it could be a real highlight for collectors and lovers of unusual vehicles.

  • No windows, doors or roof: Smart Crossblade delivers a minimalist driving experience.
  • Limited edition: Only 2.000 pieces produced.
  • Tuned by Brabus: Engine has been optimized for more power.
  • Exceptional design: Striking with stylish aluminum wheels 16-inch and mixed tires (front 195/40, rear 215/35).
  • Technical data:
    • Engine: three cylinders
    • displacement: 599 cc
    • Power: 52kW (71 PS) at 5470 rpm
    • Max. Torque: 108 Nm at 2200 rpm
    • Transmission: Automated six-speed manual transmission
    • Drive: rear-wheel drive
    • brakes: Disc brakes at the front and drum brakes at the rear, included ABS
    • Tire: Front 195/40, rear 215/35 R 16 T
    • Trunk size: 122 l
    • Fuel tank capacity: 33 l
    • Dimensions: L/W/H 2622/1618/1508 mm
    • Empty weight: 740 kg
    • payload: 250 kg
    • maximum speed: 135 km/h
    • Acceleration 0-100 km / h: 17,0 s
    • Consumption (EU mix): 5,7L S plus
    • price at the time: 24.360 EUR

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Brabus Smart Crossblade: a collector's item is for sale!
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