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818 PS Ferrari F8 Spider as widebody NOVITEC N-LARGO!

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818 PS Ferrari F8 Spider as widebody NOVITEC N-LARGO!

This fascinating roadster will only be available 15 times in the whole world: Based on the Ferrari F8 Spider the NOVITEC N-LARGO is built, which not only occupies a special position among the world's most exclusive open sports cars because of its spectacular wide version, but also because of its enormous performance. The also limited to 15 vehicles Coupé edition of the NOVITEC N-LARGO was completely sold out within a few days. With a width of 211 centimeters on the rear axle, the N-LARGO carbon body makes the Italian mid-engine sports car an eye-catcher par excellence. Especially for this conversion, tailor-made, particularly wide NOVITEC NF10 NL high-tech forged wheels were developed in cooperation with Vossen. The combination of 21-inch and 22-inch wheels on the front and rear axles emphasizes the wedge shape of this car.


  • Spectacular carbon wide version with concave shaped high-tech forged wheels in 21 and 22 inch diameters
  • V8 biturbo with 602 kW / 818 PS and 903 Nm torque
    2,6 seconds to 100 km / h and more than 340 km / h V / max

The NOVITEC version of the eight-cylinder with two turbochargers also lives up to the extravagant look: With 602 kW / 818 PS, the N-LARGO accelerates from standstill to 2,6 km / h in just 100 seconds. A speed of 7,7 is reached after only 200 seconds. With more than 340 km / h, this limited special model is one of the fastest open sports cars in the world. Another specialty is high-quality special paintwork, such as the NOVITEC N-LARGO shown here, and exclusive interior design.

The body conversion, which is particularly light thanks to the use of carbon, was developed in cooperation with the well-known designer Vittorio Strosek. The supercar is not only fascinating because of its sophisticated shape, which was optimized in the wind tunnel. The N-LARGO front fenders, which completely replace the standard parts, make the car seven centimeters wider. Gill-shaped slots on the top lead the air heated by the brakes out of the wheelhouses.

818 PS Ferrari F8 Spider as widebody NOVITEC N-LARGO!

There is space here for forged NOVITEC NF10 NL 9.5Jx21 wheels with five filigree double spokes and hub covers with a central locking look. 255/30 ZR 21 tires ensure sporty handling. Thanks to the use of state-of-the-art manufacturing technology, these rims, which are manufactured by Vossen exclusively for the German refiner, offer an excellent combination of lightweight construction and strength. They can be selected in 72 different color variants, optionally with a brushed or polished surface.

thirteen centimeters in the stern area

The rear extensions allow the vehicle to grow thirteen centimeters at the rear compared to the base car. Large inlets direct the cooling air to the engine and rear brakes. Extremely concave shaped 12Jx22 forged wheels with high-performance tires of the dimension 335/25 ZR 22 ensure optimal traction. The NOVITEC N-LARGO side skirts emphasize the wasp waist of the mid-engine sports car and guide the airstream specifically to the rear. NOVITEC also offers exposed carbon fiber panels for the B-pillars as an option.

818 PS Ferrari F8 Spider as widebody NOVITEC N-LARGO!

The focus of the body modification was not only on a spectacular look, but also, above all, on optimizing the aerodynamics. The face of the two-seater is made even more striking by the NOVITEC N-LARGO front apron, which completely replaces the standard bumper and connects perfectly to the wider fenders of the wide version. The additional side spoiler lips also make a decisive contribution to minimizing aerodynamic lift, which further optimizes driving stability at high speeds.

N-LARGO rear apron with diffuser

The wider N-LARGO rear apron, which also has a diffuser, merges homogeneously into the rear extensions. There is also a carbon rear spoiler in a distinctive "ducktail" design, which generates more downforce at high speeds. The front hood insert, the cover in front of the windscreen, the door handles, the window triangles and the NOVITEC N-LARGO exterior mirrors, the design of which is based on the current Formula 1 cars, are also made from the lightweight compound.

818 PS Ferrari F8 Spider as widebody NOVITEC N-LARGO!

A lower center of gravity optimizes handling and so NOVITEC lowers the open two-seater with special sport springs by approx. 35 millimeters. They can be supplemented with a front lift system that makes it easier to negotiate ramps in car parks or speed bumpers. The driver can hydraulically raise the body on the front axle by approx. 40 millimeters at the push of a button and lower it back to normal level at any time or automatically when a speed of 80 km / h is reached.

Such an extravagant open sports car naturally also includes performance à la NOVITEC. In the maximum output level with 72 kW / 98 PS more output for the 3,9 liter V8 biturbo. For this purpose, two NOVITEC N-TRONIC modules are adapted to the electronic engine management. They supply the engine with performance-optimized maps for injection and ignition and also moderately increase the boost pressure.

including NOVITEC high-performance exhaust system

In addition, a NOVITEC high-performance exhaust system will be installed. The N-LARGO owner has the choice between systems with or without integrated sound management in the form of exhaust flaps. As for the material, you can choose between stainless steel or particularly light INCONEL. All systems are completely thermally insulated, an effect that can be further optimized with an additional 999 fine gold coating. The additionally available 100-cell sports catalytic converters can also be refined with the precious metal.

818 PS Ferrari F8 Spider as widebody NOVITEC N-LARGO!

NOVITEC delivers the open N-LARGO with a peak power of 602 kW / 818 PS at 7 rpm and a maximum torque of 960 Nm in just 903 tours. Whether with the hardtop open or closed, the acceleration is breathtaking: 3 seconds to 100 km / h are just as outstanding for a street-legal roadster as the 2,6 seconds from 100 - 7,7 km / h. The top speed is over 0 km / h. NOVITEC also offers individual exclusivity for the interior of the N-LARGO: Leather and Alcantara in any desired color are processed with great attention to detail.

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818 PS Ferrari F8 Spider as widebody NOVITEC N-LARGO!

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818 PS Ferrari F8 Spider as widebody NOVITEC N-LARGO!

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818 PS Ferrari F8 Spider as widebody NOVITEC N-LARGO!

Limited Edition Superroadster based on the Ferrari F8 Spider
Photo credit: Novitec Group

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