For the Apocalypse - 2020 Incas Sentry Civilian Ford F-550!

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2020 Incas Sentry Civilian Ford F 550 armor tuning 6

Are you looking for an alternative to the INKAS SENTRY APC road tank? But safety and comfort should only deviate insignificantly? Then Inkas has another powerful alternative at the start. The 2020 Incas Sentry Civilian which is also based on the Ford F-550. It should be the ultimate opportunity for the "daily“Be committed. A real daily driver! ^^ And of course it is also extensively armored and can be used as an emergency vehicle for a SWAT team. The entire body is bulletproof (BR6 - according to CEN 1063 BR6 standard) which of course also applies to the windshield and the small loopholes all around. So the Inca Sentry Civilian Ford F-550 can not be stopped with an 7,62-mm assault rifle or DM51 / DM51A1 explosive / shrapnel grenades. Visually, of course, has its price and so is the basis of the Ford F-550 SUV not recognize in the approach.

6,7-liter Power Stroke Turbodiesel V8

2020 Incas Sentry Civilian Ford F 550 armor tuning 2

The Sentry Civilian 2020 comes with the typical look of a vehicle from a war zone which owes much to the many corners and edges as well as the innumerable exposed screwed connections and rivets. An armor plate is not the aesthetic in the foreground, but the practical benefits. Due to the significantly higher weight, Inkas naturally adjusts the chassis and also the brake system as well as any electronic components are modified. For this purpose, sensitive components such as the vehicle battery or the electronic control unit are separately protected. The powerful off-road tires are bulletproof and also equipped with an emergency running feature. The Sentry Civilian is powered by an 6,7-liter power-stroke turbo diesel V8, which is coupled to an 10 automatic transmission and produces stately 330 PS and 1.000 NM torque.

Flat screen with high end entertainment system

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And to ensure the best possible range, the tank of the Sentry Civilian 2020 now holds 150 liters of fuel. And especially inside it is clear that here a vehicle for the civilian population was built and not a pure emergency vehicle. There is a leather interior in combination with an interior that meets the highest demands of the luxury class. The detached cabin Features leather upholstered seats with heating, cooling and massage functions, and includes a huge flat screen with high-end entertainment system (Apple, Amazon, or Google language assistants are available) and to join countless other amenities that even a Rolls-Royce or Maybach not necessarily bring. Incidentally, a maximum of 6 passengers can be transported, whereby only 4 can be accommodated in the separated rear compartment.

360 degree cameras for the overview

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But here, too, safety is paramount. There are, for example, 360-grade cameras for an unrestricted overview, there is a night vision system, there is a system for air purification installed, if chemical attacks on the vehicle take place and who wants, can also install various defense mechanisms. With a base price of at least 350.000 US dollars, the Incas Sentry Civilian of course has its price. But if he saves at least one life, the costs quickly become a minor matter. If we receive timely information about further changes, there is of course an update for this report. You will be informed if yours is simply ours Feed subscribe to. Have fun watching the pictures and stay true to us!

(Photos: Incas Tuning)

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2020 Incas Sentry Civilian Ford F-550!

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