Classic Jaguar E-Type from ECD with Tesla electric drive!

Jaguar E Type ECD Tesla Electric Drive Restomod V8 R6 V12 Tuning 39

At regular intervals we report on the Restomod vehicles from the team at ECD Automotive Design. The restoration and modification projects, often based on Land Rover vehicles, especially based on the classic Defender, are known and highly valued worldwide. And since the ECD team also moves with the times, it didn't take long before there were a first prototype of the British off-roader with a heart transplant based on a Tesla powertrain. And with the project that has now been published, they have ventured into a different vehicle. Namely, the Florida-based company has previewed several restored and modified Jaguar E-Type vehicles (were already announced in June 2022) released. And like the Defender, ECD also has the E-Type with one Tesla powertrain equipped.

Jaguar E Type by ECD

State-of-the-art technology is thus moving into the classic coupe from the 60s. The one installed by ECD Tesla powertrain works hard 450 PS (336 kW) and should have a maximum Reach of 200 miles (approx. 320 km) in the city and approximately 140 miles (approx. 225 km) on the highway. The charging time eight hours according to the ECD. As always, each vehicle is built by ECD according to customer specifications and thus enables a large number of Paintwork for the Jaguar E Type. You can choose from the classic colors from back then to modern paints from Jaguar's 2023 range. Incidentally, the E conversion is for both the Roadster as well as that Disconnected .

or with 450 HP LT1-V8, R6, V12 etc.

Jaguar E Type ECD Tesla Electric Drive Restomod V8 R6 V12 Tuning 9

And if you wish, you can do that too Interior be equipped with a variety of options. There is always at least one Nappa leather interior, but depending on the wallet can also be expensive Spinneybeck leather, which can even be artificially aged, can be installed in the classic. And for those (like us) who can't really get used to the topic of electric drives, there is the option of getting the Jaguar E-Type with one classic burner to equip. A 450 hp is possible LT1 V8 engine from GM in combination with a 8-speed transmission from the Chevrolet Corvette. But there is also an alternative Line six-cylinder and even one V12 makeable. You should always keep the costs in mind.

Deliveries will begin in early 2023

Jaguar E Type ECD Tesla Electric Drive Restomod V8 R6 V12 Tuning 19

Because such an E-Type restoration/modification project is only from $299.995 available, which of course depends on the options chosen can vary greatly upwards. There is also a certain lack of time. Because according to the ECD, only 10-12 vehicles per year built and nine are currently ordered. Incidentally, the first restored Jaguar E-Type vehicles should be completed by spring 2023 and equipped with electric Tesla motors. If we get more information, there is of course an update for this report. You will be informed about this if you simply use our Feed subscribe to. Have fun watching the pictures and stay true to us!

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Classic Jaguar E-Type from ECD with Tesla electric drive!
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