SMART #1 Brabus: 430 PS & 543 NM push the dwarf!

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SMART 1 Brabus 2023 Tuning 53

Already at the beginning of August we reported about itthat Brabus the new Smart # 1 probably want to start with all-wheel drive and around 400 hp. And now there is an official confirmation from Brabus, which of course we cannot withhold from you. The smart #1 is finally here and offers its users a new form of mobility! After the world premiere of the new smart #11, smart is now looking forward to conquering Germany's streets with the #1. Conceived as a mobility companion that connects people to each other and to the brand, that adapts to the user's needs, it fits perfectly in a wide variety of environments, whether it's a vibrant city like Lisbon or a scenic route through the mountains along the coast.

SMART #1 Brabus

The smart #1 is the first of a new breed of intelligent vehicles: people experience a new kind of mobility as soon as they get into the car. smart started the first EV test program 15 years ago and has been fully electric since 2020. smart combines this pronounced e-mobility know-how with the style-defining premium design from Mercedes-Benz and the pioneering engineering performance and SEA platform from Geely. smart already offers next-generation mobility today.

The smart #1 Lines: as versatile as their users

A characteristic of the new smart #1 Lines is their customer-centric equipment: the equipment variants are ideally suited to the different needs and lifestyles of the customers. In addition to the attractively equipped Launch Edition, which was presented at the world premiere at the beginning of the year, the smart #1 will soon also be available in the Pro+, Premium and BRABUS variants.

Dirk Adelmann, CEO smart Europe:

  • "The smart #1 is well on the way to becoming an integral part of the sustainable mobility of the future. With the upcoming start of pre-orders, our direct sales approach will also be launched. Now our customers can choose the #1 line that best suits their needs and choose how they want to own or use the vehicle. With this flexibility, we not only want to advance our industry, but also shape the everyday life of our customers in a positive and sustainable way."

SMART 1 Brabus 2023 Tuning 45

Pre-order possible soon

The Pro+ variant starts at €41.490, the #1 Premium at €44.990, the Launch Edition at €46.290 and the BRABUS at €48.990. Pre-orders for all four variants are possible in Germany from October 18, 2022. Anyone who really wants to experience the new car can order their smart #1 from their nearest retail partner or online. Customers can choose between the limited Launch Edition, the luxurious #1 Premium, the comfort of the Pro+ version or the performance of the BRABUS. All the options that customers could wish for in an electric compact SUV are each combined into an intelligent, attractive overall package that you can start with right away.

Yifeng Tan, Head of Connected Cars and Products, smart Europe:

  • "We are very proud of what we have achieved with the smart #1. Even the entry-level model offers a very extensive equipment package that is otherwise only known from the upper class. With our various equipment lines, we have succeeded in translating the available equipment list into very attractive packages. They make sure the essentials are covered; everything else is left to the personal taste and lifestyle of future owners and users."

SMART 1 Brabus 2023 Tuning 14

In addition to the equipment features that are already available in the Pro+ variant, such as the extensive range of driver assistance systems, the 360-degree surround camera, intelligent voice support, LED headlights and an electric tailgate, the smart #1 Premium offers a sound system from Beats, a head-up display (HUD), CyberSparks+ LED matrix headlights and an automatic parking assistant. The #1 BRABUS then has four-wheel drive instead of rear-wheel drive plus lots of unique BRABUS elements all around the car.

smart x BRABUS: the next chapter

With the #1, smart and BRABUS open a completely new chapter in their partnership and take it to the next level. The smart #1 BRABUS marks a milestone: The unique BRABUS character is already fully integrated into the smart product range during production - which also makes it accessible to even more people. In addition to the look, the performance of the smart #1 BRABUS has also been upgraded. The standard output of 200 kW gets a powerful upgrade to 315 kW; torque increases from 343 Nm to 543 Nm along with the switch from rear-wheel to all-wheel drive. In conjunction with the BRABUS driving mode, which taps into the vehicle's full potential, this makes the driving experience even more exciting. With a striking design, high-quality materials and, of course, a higher level of performance, the new #1 becomes a BRABUS.

SMART 1 Brabus 2023 Tuning 1

Kai Sieber, Head of Smart Design:

  • “The smart #1 BRABUS seamlessly builds on the longstanding, successful partnership between the two brands. The design clearly differs from the other #1 models with a body kit with performance-inspired, expressive spoilers at the front and rear as well as striking side skirts. Special rims, the red accents on the exterior that are typical of BRABUS and the specific interior round off the vehicle.”

Constantin Buschmann, CEO BRABUS:

  • “For us at BRABUS, the partnership with smart feels completely natural; because we are both among those who are always challenging the status quo in order to keep improving our brands and products. With the #1, we are pushing the boundaries of our partnership to incorporate the essence of BRABUS into a very powerful car and a future-oriented mobility concept that is accessible to a great many people. We are very happy with the result and see the smart #1 as a more than worthy starting point for a new era in our great relationship with smart.”

Making intelligent connections – with a car

Connecting people, places and experiences is the definition of mobility. The smart #1 was developed to do just that. In return, it creates an intense, direct driving experience. It helps the driver to concentrate on the essentials. At the same time, the vehicle offers support and every amenity, exactly as they are wanted or needed.

Customers benefit from a remarkable balance between people and technology in the car. smart makes this extraordinary experience possible through its partnership with ECARX, an expert in software and hardware integration. The high-performing partners are working on developing vehicles more and more in the direction of fully integrated information, communication and transport devices. The smart #1 is the first joint project that redefines the user experience: seamless, efficient, entertaining and pleasant.

The new ease of owning a car

SMART 1 Brabus 2023 Tuning 6

With the introduction of the new #1, smart is also changing the business and sales model towards fully integrated online direct sales, in addition to the established retail partner network. smart uses the integrated leasing offer from ALD for this new digital approach. Another strong partner, who will be announced shortly, handles payment transactions for European customers. The new system keeps complexity to a minimum and enables customers to have a simple ordering process. With just a few clicks, you can reserve, buy or lease a #1 without any paper contracts.

SMART 1 Brabus 2023 Tuning 5

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SMART #1 Brabus: 430 PS & 543 NM push the dwarf!
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