Finish: TopCar Porsche Panamera Stingray GTR Gen.2 Kit

A few hours ago the Russian tuner TopCar published the first pictures of its completely modified Porsche Panamera of the second generation (development abbreviation G2) which we of course want to show you. An official press release, and also better pictures & videos, will certainly follow in the next days or weeks. You can see an extensive aerodynamics package that makes the Panamera appear much more aggressive and with lavishly redesigned doors at the rear including electric door handles waits. We assume that it is a widebody kit which means that the front fenders and the rear side walls have also been redesigned. But only as a guess! The front bumper has been re-modeled, which now has strikingly large air inlets and a new bonnet including air openings on the right and left is also included (similar to the Vantage 2 Cayenne GTS).

⚠ Full carbon: officially presented ➡ klick

The side section is supplemented by new side skirts and there is certainly also a new rear apron including diffuser and a subtle spoiler lip at the rear. There was also apparently a subtle lowering and if we are not completely wrong, the installed wheelset should be ADV.1 Wheels alloy wheels of the ADV5 type in approx. 21-22 inches. Information about the costs is also not yet known, but for the first generation of the Panamera it was already around 50.000 €, we can assume that it has not become cheaper. If we get some information about the changes, there is of course an update for this post. You will be informed about the update if you have ours Feed subscribe to. We hope you enjoy watching.

Stingray GTR Edition2019 GT EDITION Bodykit

(Photos: Topcar)

The first details about the changes to the Porsche Panamera:

  • TopCar Stinger aerodynamic package (modified rear & front doors, fenders & side walls possibly widened, front bumper new, bonnet including air openings right & left, side skirts, possibly new rear apron with diffuser & a rear spoiler lip)
    - Front bumper Primed Carbon fiber
    - Central aerodynamic elements, 2 pcs Primed Carbon fiber
    - Left and right parts of the front bumper, 2 pcs carbon fiber
    - Left and right air intakes of the front bumper with places for ACC sensors (adaptive cruise control), 2 pcs primed carbon fiber
    - Bottom part of the front bumper Primed carbon fiber
    - Base of the license plate TOPCAR Primed Carbon fiber
    - Front fenders with logo, 2 pcs Primed Carbon fiber
    - Pads on the front doors, top, 2 pcs Primed Carbon fiber
    - Pads on the front doors, bottom, 2 pcs Primed Carbon fiber
    - Pads on the rear doors, 2 pcs Primed Carbon fiber
    - Rear door handles (Aston Martin style), 2 pcs
    - Side skirts, 2 pcs Primed Carbon fiber
    - Rear fenders, 2 pcs Primed Carbon fiber
    - Fuel cap Primed Carbon fiber
    - Rear bumper Primed Carbon fiber
    - Diffuser of the rear bumper Primed carbon fiber
    - Exhaust tips, 2 pcs
    - Rear spoiler, 2 pcs Primed Carbon fiber
    - Hood Primed Carbon fiber with Air intakes Visible Carbon fiber
    - Wheels spacers, 4 pcs
    - Set of logos
  • subtle lowering
  • Wheels possibly ADV.1 Wheels alloy wheels type ADV5 in about 21-22 inch

the interior is completely new

Of course, we have published tens of thousands more tuning reports on, if you wanted to see an excerpt then just click HERE, And also from the tuner TopCar we have some other vehicles, following a small excerpt:

Bumblebee Style on the Porsche 911 (991) of the Tuner Topcar

Bumblebee Porsche 911 997 Stinger GTR Bodykit Tuning Topcar 310x165 Bumblebee Style on the Porsche 911 (991) of the Tuner Topcar

Finish - Topcar Porsche 991 (911) Stinger Gtr Gen.2

Topcar Porsche 991 911 Stinger Gtr Gen.2 tuning 3 310x165 Finished Topcar Porsche 991 (911) Stinger Gtr Gen.2

TOPCAR - Inferno Bodykit also on the Mercedes-Benz GLE W166

TOPCAR Inferno Bodykit Mercedes Benz GLE W166 Tuning 8 310x165 TOPCAR Inferno Bodykit also on the Mercedes Benz GLE W166


News from 03.07.2017

Only a short time after the first snapshots, the Russian tuner TOPCAR officially presented its Porsche Panamera Stingray GTR edition with a large number of pictures. As usual, the prices are of the highest quality and so the carbon body kit alone costs over € 33.000. You should keep in mind that it has not yet been installed and a new wheel set is not yet available. If you decide, for example, for a set of HRE P204 rims in the dimensions 9.5 × 21 ET48 and 11 × 21 ET30, another € 10.000 will be due. So it is no problem to pay well over 40.000 € for the modifications and of course the Porsche Panamera is not included. Have fun with the new pictures!

black & carbon


News from 28.02.2018

Just in time for the forthcoming Geneva Motor Show (8, March 2018 - 18, March 2018), the Russian tuner TopCar has created a special specimen. For converted 300.000 $ is this Porsche Panamera Stingray GTR Carbon Edition (full carbon outside) in the interior extremely noble. Outside, the Panamera got the complete body kit and a body in visible carbon. In addition, aluminum rims, lowering and sports exhaust system. The interior is dominated by cream-colored and black leather, which harmonises with a great deal of aluminum and high-gloss decorative trim and refines the cabin down to the last detail. From the diamond quilting of the seats to the floor mats, of course, everything is made in the finest handcraft and can not be beat for exclusivity. Have fun with the new pictures!


News from 25.02.2019

And here 2 pictures of the Porsche Panamera 971 - GT EDITION body kit with slight changes.

Maybe there will soon be an update with information and pictures. If this is the case we will of course also put it online and inform you about it.

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