Blue Monster - Widebody Jeep Wrangler by Autobot

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Widebody Jeep Wrangler By Autobot Offroad Tuning 1

We have this blue monster on the timeline of the tuner Autobot Autoworks Off-Road discovered and of course you can not withhold it. The base is one Jeep Wrangler which, however, is hardly identifiable as such. The body is completely changed and also the chassis components are including the huge Offroadreifen from another world. But let's start with the extensive body kit. The tuner installed barely visible fenders at the front and rear which are fastened with exposed screw connections and leave the wheels almost completely free. In addition there was a huge Grumper bumper including Warn Winch V10 winch in front and one from Avenger behind. Both components are made of metal and also have large towing eyes.

Widebody Jeep Wrangler By Autobot Offroad Tuning 8

A blatant detail is the striking Vcowl radiator grille with a particularly grim look that comes with black LED headlights. The rear door got a complete spare wheel and a completely new bonnet with a powerful power dome is also installed. On the side there were also electrically extendable Tmax Eboard running boards and a massive structure for the roof for the transport of various things. A highlight is clearly the completely modified FOX chassis that raises the car by 2,5 inches and, in combination with the COUPLER 20 × 12 inch rims with a crass ET of "-44" and 35 / 12.5r20 off-road tires, the Wrangler can become extremely powerful and destructive. As a special feature, the exposed wheel arches are illuminated using XRC flares and it would be very interesting to drive this vehicle to the German TÜV, right? 😀

Widebody Jeep Wrangler By Autobot Offroad Tuning 2

There were also LED taillights, a Magna Flow sports exhaust system and new exterior mirrors also have LED lighting. And also technical gimmicks such as a reversing camera and a modified sound system are thanks Pioneer 5050bt system easily installed in the off-roader. In the end, the whole vehicle was painted in baby blue and is therefore absolutely unmistakable. If we get more details about the changes, there will of course, as always, be an update for this report. It is best to subscribe to our feed and if there is something new you will be informed immediately. We hope you enjoy looking at the pictures.

Widebody Jeep Wrangler By Autobot Offroad Tuning 4

(Photos: Autobot Autoworks Off-Road)

These are the changes to the Jeep Wrangler:

  • Fox 2.5 inches raise
  • Fox steering damper
  • Fuel COUPLER off-road rims in 20 × 12 and with ET -44
  • Fuel Offroad tires 35 / 12.5r20
  • Grumper Full Face Front (front bumper)
  • Avenger hood bonnet
  • Avenger rear bumper
  • Smittybilt XRC LED lights for the wheel arches
  • Projector headlight in black
  • Led taillights
  • Magna Flow Exhaust System
  • Warn Winch v10 winch
  • Rigid Cube additional lights (LED)
  • Rear carrier for spare wheel
  • Tmax Eboard side skirts
  • Side mirror with LED
  • Pioneer 5050bt system
  • Gme antenna from Arb
  • roof rack
  • Backup camera
  • Door inserts and much more ... ..
  • possibly a performance increase - (chip tuning, tuning box, compressor or turbo conversion, NOS etc. - more information is not available)

Widebody Jeep Wrangler By Autobot Offroad Tuning 7

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