Wednesday 20th October 2021


The corona crisis and the automotive industry, the corona crisis and our health in the vehicle, the corona crisis and the most important questions and answers in road traffic. Covid-19 has been determining life in Germany since the beginning of 2020, and of course beyond, and with our Covid-19 category we would like to help answer the most important questions and answers about the subject of Corona and the automobile and of course the motorcycle. What do you have to pay attention to? What are the latest regulations and where can I go? These and other questions are answered here. Motorcycles and Corona: What is allowed, what is prohibited? What are the current Corona regulations of the state government with regard to our favorite hobby - car & motorcycle tuning? Which car / motorcycle trade shows are taking place, which ones have been canceled? We would like to give you detailed information about this here.

Canceled: no Geneva Motor Show 2022 due to Corona!

Geneva Motor Show 2022 canceled 310x165 Canceled: no Geneva Motor Show 2022 due to Corona!

Like last year, there will be no Geneva Motor Show in 2022. The COVID-19 pandemic is again to blame. The Comité permanent du Salon international de l'automobile, the organizer of the Geneva International Motor Show (GIMS), has now announced the decision. The Geneva Motor Show is supposed to ...

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Driving ban from 22 p.m. - the "Federal Emergency Brake"

Corona Covid federal lockdown 310x165 car ban from 22 p.m. the federal emergency brake

With regard to the Corona emergency brake (also known as the Lock-In Act), which applies throughout the country from TODAY, Federal President Steinmeier has now signed amendments to the Infection Protection Act after approval by the Federal Council and thus declared it to be effective. These apply to the defined emergency brake, which ...

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