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The current high inflation and the poor financial situation in many families mean that in many cases no new investments in a car are currently possible. A new car can be expensive. Don't panic, because leasing a car can still make your dream car a reality. Because many cars are already available for less than €150 without a down payment and also with a term of only 12 months. But how does a man or woman get such rare leasing deals?

The easiest way is to compare corresponding offers via leasing platforms. For example, there is a leasing platform that analyzes leasing offers in a tough and ruthless manner and compares them by leasing factor www.Leasinger.de. Leasinger.de has set itself the task of helping those interested in leasing to find the right leasing vehicle with transparency and important insides such as leasing factors and terms.

With Leasinger.de, those looking for leasing can look out for current leasing offers under €150. Below are some current low-cost leasing offers from Leasinger.de:

Make/Model leasing factor lease payment
KIA CEED 1.0 T-GDI Edition 0,67 144,00 €
Renault Captur 0.9 TCe 90 0,69 136,54 €
Fiat 500 0.9 TwinAir 85 0,75 148,75 €
Renault Twingo 0,77 119,00 €
Toyota Yaris 1.0-I-VVT-I Comfort 0,78 149,00 €
Skoda Fabia Easy 0,82 119,00 €
Suzuki Swift Club Hybrid 0,83 144,00 €

Compare offers correctly

What is this leasing factor all about? If you are looking for a great leasing offer, you will quickly notice that there are a large number of confusing leasing offers. A proven way of comparing leasing offers is to use the so-called leasing factor. This factor is an objective comparative value and indicates the percentage ratio of the monthly leasing rate in relation to the leasing value.

A brief overview of the leasing factor values:

leasing factor Rating
<0,5 Great leasing offer
0,5 – 0,75 Very good leasing offer
0,75 – 1,0 Good leasing offer
1,0 – 1,25 Average lease offer
1,25 – 1,5 Bad lease offer
1,5 – 1,75 Very bad lease offer
> 1,75 Hands off!

Now we know what the leasing factor is and what it is good for. The last expert tips so that everything fits when leasing:

  • Agreed annual mileage and the leasing terms should be the same
  • Special packages such as additional insurance are not included in the calculation, but are used separately
  • Only compare identical vehicles or vehicles from the same vehicle class
  • Special conditions such as a deposit must be taken into account (see 2nd calculation formula)
  • Distinction between commercial leasing and private leasing. These are not compared with each other
  • Premium manufacturers usually have a higher leasing factor

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