Lend / rent a private vehicle? You have to pay attention to this!

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rent a private vehicle lend liability insurance lend / rent a private vehicle? You have to pay attention to this!

Most cars are mostly in garages or parking lots, without being used. It could make sense there, the car to share. Those who do this often and possibly even for a fee have to pay attention to a few things. Even in the case of a short-term loan from friends, it should be clear that the borrower in case of doubt is liable for all damage. First of all, in the event of damage, the Liability insurance of the vehicle owner for all damage to third-party property. One Comprehensive insurance becomes active, if it exists, if damage on your own car have arisen. Any deductibles or upgrades as well as all other payments in connection with the damage must, however by the borrower be worn.

written document as security

Should none If you have full or partially comprehensive insurance, it is important to answer questions about liability in advance to clarify. These should written be fixed so that the vehicle hirer is clear about the obligations he is taking on when renting the car. Even Previous damage the vehicle should be held on so that neither party can later make unlawful claims.

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Lawyers also recommend a written document and also offer free sample letters. Also, the vehicle owner should ensure that they have all of the required papers in the vehicle are or the driver has it. So it has to Registration Certificate Part I always be with the driver so that he can prove that the vehicle is properly registered. The same applies to the Driver's license of the driver who the rental company is essential previously should check.

Is the driver insured for the vehicle at all?

A notification of the loan to the insurance company is not necessarily required. On the other hand, you should previously inquire carefully about your own policy. So it may be in insurance only certain people are approved for driving the vehicle, e.g. B. the family (adult children, spouses, siblings, etc.).

The policy can be temporary extended However, the vehicle owner should urgently ensure that no one without insurance coverage drives by car. Even tax it makes a big difference whether you take money to borrow or not. The legislature makes a precise distinction between a usually free loan and one Hirewhich happens against payment of a fee. Taxes may be due on regular vehicle rentals. Income from a vehicle rental is only up to an amount of € 256 tax free.

Rental via internet sites

Anyone who sells their vehicle via various portals on the Internet should consider that this practice is not undisputed. Although the portal usually takes over the insurance, there are important regulations should not always observed. The registration office and the vehicle must also be informed annual general inspectionif this is used commercially (more on this). In addition, the insurance company classifies a vehicle that is rented differently than the Stress is greater.

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Commercial leasing - is that allowed?

A commercial rental needs to be carefully considered because Taxes threaten or even Fines (€)if you are negligent with paying taxes. Your own insurance company should also be asked whether renting via internet portals is even permitted. It is also of course essential WEM the vehicle belongs. Is the car leased, financed or rented? Then, as a rule, it is not possible to pass it on. A purely private loan, on the other hand, is associated with far fewer complications. Tip: Our contribution "Earn money with the vehicle - car advertising!“Has even more information ready.

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Fully comprehensive insurance Accident Tuning Rent / rent a private vehicle? You have to pay attention to this!

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