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2021 Yamaha MT-09: Hyper Naked Bike with a new evolutionary stage!

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2021 Yamaha MT 09 Hyper Naked Bike 30 2021 Yamaha MT 09: Hyper Naked Bike with a new evolutionary stage!

At the end of the last decade, a group of visionary designers joined forces with some of the most talented engineers in the motorcycle industry. They took inspiration from the motorcycle subculture in Japan and designed a completely new type of motorcycle. A radically different motorcycle that heralded a new beginning and broke with conventions. A bike that was designed only for sheer riding pleasure. In 2013 the MT-09 was born. It was the beginning of a new chapter for Yamaha. Maximum riding fun, premium quality, minimalist design and impressive technology - this is what lies behind the “Dark Side of Japan” philosophy, which has inspired every Yamaha Hyper Naked model since day one. Every MT becomes much more than just a motorcycle.

The new MT-09 model 2021

2021 Yamaha MT 09 Hyper Naked Bike 9 2021 Yamaha MT 09: Hyper Naked Bike with a new evolutionary stage!

The brand new 2021 MT-09 also remains absolutely true to the fundamental values ​​of the Hyper Naked philosophy. It is even lighter, more powerful, more advanced in all areas and comes with even higher specifications. It offers even more dynamic performance and more agile handling. It offers the ultimate package with the most competitive value for money in the 900cc Hyper Naked class.

New EU5-compliant 889ccm CP-3 engine: more displacement, more power, more torque, more fun

2021 Yamaha MT 09 Hyper Naked Bike 1 2021 Yamaha MT 09: Hyper Naked Bike with a new evolutionary stage!

The additional 42ccm increases the maximum power by 4 hp to 119 hp at 10.000 rpm. The dramatically increased performance is even more evident in the higher torque of the new CP3 engine. The maximum torque is 93 Nm at just 7.000 rpm - a whole 1.500 rpm less than before. Virtually every major component is new, including pistons, connecting rods, camshafts, and crankcases. Despite the larger displacement and higher performance, the heart of the 2021 model - including the new exhaust - is 1.700g lighter than the previous version.

Due to the higher torque at lower engine speed, the driver can benefit from the higher power delivery on everyday journeys. Regardless of whether you are driving in city traffic, on the way to the café or on the sporty evening lap: the new 889ccm engine makes a noticeable difference. In addition, there is the new quickshifter for upshifting and downshifting, which makes every journey even more fun.

New fuel supply: more power with increased economy

2021 Yamaha MT 09 Hyper Naked Bike 2 2021 Yamaha MT 09: Hyper Naked Bike with a new evolutionary stage!

The 2021 MT-09 has a completely new fuel supply. The fuel injection nozzles are not attached directly to the cylinder head as before, but are now mounted on the side of the throttle valve. The fuel is injected onto the back of the intake valve heads. This ensures better atomization and reduces the adhesion of the fuel to the walls of the inlet opening. This system produces excellent combustion efficiency and contributes to a 9% increase in fuel efficiency.

New APSG ride-by-wire: lower weight, excellent feel

The MT-09 will be upgraded for 2021 with an electronic throttle control (YCC-T) and the ride-by-wire APSG system. The smooth ride-by-wire system is similar to that of the R1 and R1M and ensures an excellent feel and absolute reliability.

Redesigned exhaust system and highly efficient intake system

The stainless steel elbows have been redesigned and each have a different curvature, which ensures an excellent pulse effect. There is an outlet on the exhaust, both to the left and to the right. The new system is 1.400g lighter than the previous one and has been tuned in such a way that it provides an improved feeling of torque when the driver accelerates from a standstill or from a slow corner. The new intake system was also developed in such a way that it enhances the high-torque driving experience. This was achieved by giving the highly efficient air filter box a new layout with three channels, with each channel having a different cross-section and a different length.

Optimized gearbox and improved A&S clutch: smoother and lighter

In order to do justice to the increased engine output of the 2021 model, the transmission was optimized by slightly increasing the gear ratios in 1st and 2nd gear. A newly designed shift fork is fitted to ensure a good feeling when shifting. Because of the higher torque, the A&S clutch has a new material for the clutch discs. A modified actuation mechanism ensures better ease of movement.

Deltabox frame made of die-cast aluminum: lighter, stronger, more agile

2021 Yamaha MT 09 Hyper Naked Bike 1 2021 Yamaha MT 09: Hyper Naked Bike with a new evolutionary stage!

The 2021 MT-09 gets a completely new, lightweight CF aluminum die-cast Deltabox frame. Yamaha is a world leader in CF (Controlled Filling) technology, a high-tech die-casting process that makes it possible to manufacture extremely light and stable aluminum structures such as the frame and swing arm of the new MT-09. It is the die-cast frame with the thinnest wall cross-section of all Yamaha motorcycles. The frame, the new aluminum rear frame and the swing arm are 2,3kg lighter than before.

A torsional stiffness increased by 50% ensures a high degree of directional stability.

To match the more compact frame and the shorter telescopic fork, the position of the steering tube has been lowered by 30mm. This gives a better feeling for the front when cornering and provides clearer feedback.

Swing arm with high rigidity: lower weight, better stability

The aluminum swingarm, which is 250g lighter, has a straighter right side for a more symmetrical appearance. For better stability - when cornering as well as when driving straight ahead - the swing arm mount on the 2021 model is located between the frame construction, instead of on the outside of the frame as before.

Next-generation bare design: bare, beautiful and pure MT DNA

2021 Yamaha MT 09 Hyper Naked Bike 13 2021 Yamaha MT 09: Hyper Naked Bike with a new evolutionary stage!

With its bare, beautiful and functional appearance, the new MT-09 represents the next big step in the evolution of MT-DNA. The design concept is easy to explain: leave out everything that is not really necessary. The compact front wheel cover and the minimalist headlight housing are the only remaining trim pieces. Side panels are completely dispensed with. Headlights, tank, seat and exhaust: all components are positioned as close as possible to the engine. Everything seems close and dense. A unit ready for the action. A dynamic and agile look is presented from every angle. The design underlines the pure and athletic character of this ultimate hyper naked bike, which weighs only 189kg; 4kg less than the current model. With the help of feedback from test drivers, parts such as the tank and seat were designed in such a way that the most diverse types of drivers immediately have the ideal seating position and can thus form an optimal unit with their machine.

6-axis IMU: R-series supersport technology for ultimate performance

The new MT-09 is the first Hyper Naked model from Yamaha to be equipped with a 6-axis high-tech IMU. The system derived from the R1 permanently records the movements in all directions and transmits this data in real time to the ECU, which controls the electronic driving aids. The class-leading range of driver assistance systems includes a lean angle-sensitive traction control (TCS), Slide Control System (SCS), LIFT Control System (LIF) on the front wheel and a Brake Control System (BC).

Three TCS modes: different levels for every use

2021 Yamaha MT 09 Hyper Naked Bike 14 2021 Yamaha MT 09: Hyper Naked Bike with a new evolutionary stage!

The TCS can be set in three stages. Each of these settings also accesses the other driver assistance systems. In modes 1 and 2, preset set-ups of the assistance systems are stored, while M mode allows the driver to make individual settings. Mode 1 means a moderate intervention, mode 2 regulates more strongly.

3,5 inch color TFT instruments: modern, clear and precise

The new 3,5 inch TFT instruments have a full color display that shows the data precisely and easily readable. The medium-sized layout fits perfectly into the compact front. The speed is indicated by a bar that changes color. In addition to the speed, the display also includes the gear indicator, coolant and ambient temperature and much more.

LED headlights: compact, powerful and pure MT design

A central headlight with several LEDs provides a wide, even and strong light beam for the low and high beams. Two LED position lights give the MT-09 a new face with the characteristic Y-shape. It is reminiscent of the look of a predator and represents the new design of the MT series.
The next-generation MT DNA is also evident at the rear: the lightweight LED rear light also forms a Y-shape here.

10-spoke Spin Forged wheels: Yamaha's lightest wheels ever

2021 Yamaha MT 09 Hyper Naked Bike 11 2021 Yamaha MT 09: Hyper Naked Bike with a new evolutionary stage!

Yamaha's Spin Forged technology heats the cast wheels and rotates them at high speed while rollers apply pressure to the rims. This reduces their thickness to just 2mm, while at the same time achieving immense strength. Every weight saving immediately increases the performance. This applies in particular to the unsprung mass, where even the smallest reduction in handling, steering and suspension significantly improves. The new Spin Forged front and rear wheels are 700g lighter than before, which leads to a reduction in the wheels' moment of inertia. The significant reduction of 11% on the rear wheel makes a major contribution to the agile handling character of the new model.

Premium KYB® system

The new light 41mm KYB® telescopic fork offers excellent suspension. It is fully adjustable in preload, rebound and compression. It comes with a revised factory setting that does justice to the character of the compact, new frame with higher rigidity. A number of changes have also been made to the rear suspension: The new adjustable KYB® shock absorber has been set so that it fits the completely new chassis with the significantly reduced unsprung mass.

Front brake with radial master cylinder: linear conduction, full control

In order to do justice to the higher engine power and the more dynamic character, the new MT-09 is the second Yamaha model to be equipped with the same front brake system as the R1. The radial Nissin main cylinder ensures excellent controllability.

Colors, availability and price

The new MT-09 will be available in three colors: Storm Fluo, Icon Blue and Tech Black. Delivery to European Yamaha partners will begin in March 2021. The recommended retail price is EUR 9.799,00. It is made up of the vehicle price in the amount of 9.399,00 EUR and 400,00 EUR additional manufacturer costs. This RRP includes 19% VAT!

2021 Yamaha MT 09 Hyper Naked Bike 16 2021 Yamaha MT 09: Hyper Naked Bike with a new evolutionary stage!

Photos: Yamaha

Technical highlights

  • New EU5-compliant 889ccm in-line three-cylinder DOHC engine
  • More power at all engine speeds
  • 7% increase in maximum torque at low speed
  • Increase in maximum power by 4 hp
  • New 2,3kg lighter Deltabox frame made of CF aluminum die-cast
  • Lower wet weight of 189kg: 4kg less than before and thus the lightest model in the 900ccm naked class
  • Shorter wheelbase for more dynamic handling
  • New lightweight aluminum swingarm
  • Compact, undisguised MT styling of the new generation
  • Premium quality throughout, with a crystal graphite frame
  • Full LED lighting with Y-shaped characteristics at the front and rear
  • New Quick Shift System with functions for upshifting and downshifting
  • Improved A&S clutch
  • Light and compact new 6-axis IMU
  • Driver assistance systems dependent on lean angle: TCS, SCS and LIF with three intervention modes
  • ABS and Brake Control System (BC)
  • D-MODE selectable driving modes
  • New ultra-light Spin-Forged 17 inch wheels in 10-spoke design
  • Bigger 180 / 70-17 rear tire with 120 / 70-17 front tire
  • Fully adjustable KYB® 41mm USD fork with revised settings
  • Adjustable KYB® damper with revised settings
  • 3,5 inch TFT color instruments, controllable via handlebar switch
  • Radial front master cylinder, 298mm double disc Yamaha original accessories and MT apparel

2021 Yamaha MT 09 Hyper Naked Bike 32 2021 Yamaha MT 09: Hyper Naked Bike with a new evolutionary stage!

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