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For most bikers, the motorcycle, like the car for car fans, is not just a means of transport from A to B, but an expression of their individual lifestyle. No wonder then that motorcycle decors, are becoming increasingly popular in the tuning scene as an extremely cool way to make your machine unique.

Motorcycle decors - what is that anyway?

For motorcycle decors, such as those from ARider from Rimpar are offered, they are customized Adhesive surfaces that bikers can almost always apply themselves. Basically you can Motorcycle decor set choose where all parts are already designed and can be attached a few days later. Or but - and that is what makes the decors so interesting – you want to create your own motorcycle decor. All you have to do is tell the manufacturer of the desired decor the model name of the bike and of course describe what you have in mind.

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The spectrum of possibilities is almost limitless. It doesn't matter whether glittering laminate is to decorate the machine or whether highlights are to be set in neon colors. Even if you want to emphasize chrome details or prefer full chrome or holo decors - with the right manufacturer, the motorcycle can be individualized and spruced up according to your own ideas. And if taste should change later, the decors can be used again residue-free and easy remove; a big advantage over that Alternatives on the market to have the motorcycle foiled.

Production and application of motorcycle decorations

For the production of a motorcycle decor, the machine and the parts to be glued are first measured exactly. The designs are then created on the computer and printed on special printers particularly thick adhesive film are transferred. The laminating of the decors then ensures more resilience, so that the foils are also durable and robust.

The attachment by the biker is then not difficult as the next step and saves a lot of costs. The adhesive film contains numerous air channels on the underside, so that the air that is automatically trapped when it is placed on the motorcycle fairing is also included again can escape. If you then paint over the decor, the individual dots become a strongly adhesive overall surface.

for motocross, enduro, supermoto, touring machines, naked bikes & Co.

Currently, the market is dominated by Motocross Decor or MX Decor, Enduro Decor and Supermoto Decor (such as Husqvarna 701 decor or KTM 690 SMC-R decal) dominates, but customization is also becoming increasingly popular on touring machines and naked bikes. Finally, there is the question of costs. For a custom-made decor set, you should expect costs from around 300 euros if you attach the film yourself. For comparison: the cost of wrapping a motorcycle is between 1.000 and 2.000 euros.

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