Wednesday 27th October 2021

Motorcycle / Scooter News & Tuning

The tuning industry has developed rapidly over the past few decades. Tuning has long since become socially acceptable and has arrived in the middle of society. And due to the innumerable possibilities, it is not surprising that more and more specializations in individual areas of tuning are also taking place on motorcycles and scooters. For example, there has been a huge number of tuners for many years who have specialized in the conversion and manufacture of special components only for motorcycles. The tuning industry for motorbikes and scooters is actually in no way inferior to the car scene. At first glance, the motorcycle tuning options are due to the design, but a look at the popular tuning shops confirms the opposite. The selection of accessories for Kawasaki, Honda, Yamaha, BMW, KTM, Piaggio, Harley-Davidson & Co. is almost endless and in some areas is superior to car accessories. Reason enough that we at tuningblog deal with the topic of motorcycle and scooter tuning from time to time. Not quite as extensive as with the cars, but interesting tuning parts and entire vehicles still appear regularly in this category.

Motorcyclists: These important changes will apply from 2021!

motorrad fahrschule exam 310x165 motorcyclists: These important changes will apply from 2021!

A new emission standard and increased costs for the driver's license test: The innovations for motorcyclists in 2021 are clearly presented by! Important changes for motorcyclists. With the turn of the year, the nationwide new driving license test regulations OPFEP (optimized practical driving test) came into force. Through standardization ...

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