Compact and strong: The Jackery Explorer 240 in the test!

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Being able to charge your cell phone or laptop on the go can be very important. If you are looking for a suitable power station, you might opt ​​for the Jackery Explorer 240. We cannot say whether the Jackery Explorer 240 is the right power station for its application. But with our test report we go into more detail about the details of the power station. The scope of delivery of the power station includes all the important cables that are required to charge the jackety via 230 volts or even via the cigarette lighter in the car. the output of the power station is 200 W. This allows a commercially available cooling box operate in the vehicle and even every standard laptop can be charged with it. Following are the highlights of the Jackety Explorer 240 at a glance:

  • 240Wh capacity
  • 200W power (400W peak)
  • Display to show input, output & battery status
  • 2x USB port with 2,4 A each
  • 1x DC input 8 mm for e.g. B. the solar system
  • 1x AC output

In principle, the Jackery is suitable for reliable charging all mobile devices. In addition, a cool box can be operated relatively easily for up to a day. This is a practical thing, especially if you are traveling with the camper at the weekend. We therefore see the possible applications particularly in the caravanning segment.

The Jackery Explorer 240 Review!

For you we have subjected the Jackery Explorer 240 to a small test. Our focus was on the loading of our cell phones and notebooks, while we were on the road, and when camping. With the output power of 200 W, all small devices could be charged and when camping we used the power station to charge our cool box at the weekend. Here we came to the conclusion that both charging and operating of all our devices went smoothly. When operating the cool box, however, the power station only lasts half a day to a maximum of one day. You need to be aware of this when purchasing. Anyone who travels for a longer period of time with a van or mobile home should therefore opt for a more powerful variant ofjackery, as the usage time is clearly not enough for this. The is suitable for this Jackety Explorer 500 0the even the 1.000 variant significantly better.

Review: Jackety Explorer 500 / Explorer 1.000

The quality test Incidentally, the 240 variant, like the Explorer 1000 and Explorer 500, also convinced us 100 Prozent. Because the very good quality did not falter even on closer inspection of the processing. The gap dimensions are of a 1-A quality and there were no flaws to be found on the station. Lovers of high quality products are spot on with the Jackery brand. However, the fan is slightly negative. This jumped on every 15 minutes depending on usage when we activated the lighting in our caravan with a total of 60 watts. However, it should be noted that the fan noise is not noticeable outside and does not play a major role there. Indoors, however, the hum is a bit annoying, especially at night when sleeping in the camper. However, the fan jumped when charging smaller devices like one mobile, ours Go Proours Dragy 10Hz GPS lap timer or from various headphones not on.

Questions and Answers

Below are the most important questions and answers about the Jackery.

How often can the mobile phone be charged with the power station?

  • Depending on which battery the mobile phone has, it can easily be charged up to 15 times with the jackety.

Is it possible to charge your own e-bike?

  • In principle, it is possible to charge e-bikes that may be carried in the caravan. However, we recommend buying the larger version, the Jackery Explorer 500 or the 1000 version.

Is it possible to operate the mobile stovetop or a kettle?

  • Unfortunately, this is not possible with the 240 version, as it requires a lot of power. This is only available from the Explorer 1.000 to disposal. This can then be used to operate a kettle and the stovetop without any problems.

Which is the right version for continuous operation of a cool box?

  • Who put his cool box in continuous operation should choose at least the Jackery Explorer 500 as the solar panel. Especially when the weather is nice and the sun is shining, you are unlimitedly self-sufficient and can even charge a notebook or smartphone. If you want to be on the safe side and have more space available, you can use the Explorer 1.000, as it has enough power to bridge two to three full rainy days when camping.

Field reports on the Jackery Explorer 240

Our own experiences with the Jackery Explorer 240 have been consistently positive. To give you a better overview of who the small power station is suitable for, we have attached an overview table. Here you will find all the facts to be able to assess whether the power station is sufficient for you or not.

Jackety Explorer 240Jackety Explorer 500Jackety Explorer 1000
Smartphone (4000mA)
approx. 12 x charging
approx. 25 x charging
approx. 50 x charging
Laptop (50W)
approx. 4 x charging
approx. 10 x charging
approx. 20 x charging
Compressor cool box (1 Ah / 12 V)
about 20 hours
about 40 hours
about 83 hours
Price approx:
299 €
599 €
1.199 €

Of course, the entered values ​​only represent one theoretical value without taking loss values ​​into account. For the cool box, we achieved the value in a real practical test and for this reason it is relatively accurate. Depending on the outside temperature, however, the value can fluctuate up and down. If the outside temperatures are very high, the cool box should be cleaned a little beforehand cooled down .

This can for example by suitable Cooling pads or batteries from the freezer or alternatively you should simply connect the cool box to the house electricity for an hour beforehand. If you don't cool down the cooler before use, you may significantly reduce the operating time of the Jackery Explorer 240. Incidentally, this applies in general to all power stations, regardless of the brand. Basically: The larger the power station, the less important it is to cool down.

Jackery solar generator 1000 SolarSaga 100W solar panels test 10

Who the power station for that Camping site want to use should think about buying one or two solar panels. For this, Jackery offers the right thing solar module on, the so-called Jackery SolarSaga 100. This is a foldable solar panel with USB ports for use with or without a power station. Alternatively, a product from a third-party supplier can also be used in combination with the right cables.

The Jackery Explorer 240

  • The Jackery Explorer 240 is a mobile power bank the premium class. It is the ideal companion for on the go, in the garden, when camping or as an emergency power supply for at home. The power station is a high-quality lithium-ion battery with a very long service life 230 V or 200 W as a socket (400 W peak), has two USB-A ports and a 12 V car connection for enough power. The power station can be easily charged with a solar panel, in the car or using the power adapter.

Our Conclusion

Just underway, the Jackery Explorer 240 the ideal companion. Whether at home, on the beach or in the Camping holiday, the power station was always reliable in our test. For many, the smaller power station from Jackery is the right choice, as it is more than sufficient for charging notebooks and mobile phones. With 240 Wh, they can always be fully charged.

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