What can you do if the car window is frozen on the inside?

Windshield Frozen Inside Trick Defrost Ventilation

In the cold season, drivers not only have to deal with slippery roads, winter also brings with it a number of other dangers. For example frozen slices! They cause frustration among motorists, especially when the disc is not only visible from the outside, but also from inside frozen from the inside is. Three things help effectively with car windows that are frozen from the inside: Ventilate, scratch and wipe.

Ventilate as the first measure

In winter, should airing help to get iced windows free again? Yes, because when the cold air from outside absorbs the humidity from inside, iced windows can be cleared more easily. Therefore, it makes sense to open all doors even at low temperatures and to air them properly for a few minutes. If that didn't achieve the desired effect, the unpopular ice scraper still has to go. However, this is not always so easy from the inside, because the lower part of the windscreen is not so easy to get to. The pane is often so curved that even the best ice scraper does not achieve the desired effect.

The blower is the savior in an emergency!

If the windscreen is still iced up from the inside, you often don't have that many other options, the ventilation has to help now. The air that comes out of the blower is of course still cold, because the engine needs to run a little in order to be able to radiate heat. But if you put all the openings on the pane, you can achieve a sufficient effect with the slightly warm air. By the way, letting the engine warm up while stationary is fine verboten and not particularly good for the environment either. But sometimes it doesn't matter! Especially with electric cars, it can become a problem if the fan is supposed to de-ice an icy window. After all, that draws a lot battery capacity!

Ventilation auto on heating heating ventilation fan

Once the ventilation has achieved its effect, it is important to catch the defrosting ice with cloths so that the moisture does not get into the electronics. It is important to ensure that the damp cloths used to wipe off the ice water are not stored in the car permanently afterwards. In this way, new humidity can develop again and the panes will freeze again from the inside at the next minus temperatures.

This is how you can prevent the car windows from freezing from the inside!

If the panes are not only frozen on the outside but also on the inside, this is not only annoying, but also takes up time and energy. It is therefore advisable to permanently prevent icing. You can do this with the following tips:

  1. Even when it's cold, ventilate the car after each journey or open the windows while driving.
  2. If possible, do not carry moisture or even snow into the car to avoid humidity.
  3. Dehumidifiers or newspapers can absorb humidity.
  4. Switch on the air conditioning even in winter.

Do not let moisture into the car, can prevent icing!

If you have trudged through the snow in winter, you should avoid carrying the snow stuck to your shoes into the car. Melted snow increases the humidity in the vehicle, allowing ice to form. Therefore, take off your shoes or boots well and do not let snow melt in the car. Wet floor mats should be dried outside the vehicle to prevent ice formation.

Dehumidifier air bag car

Dehumidifiers provide

  • Small cushions filled with granules remove the humidity from the vehicle and thus prevent the windows from icing up on the inside. It's best to place them Luftentfeuchter near the discs so that they can achieve their effect. Cat litter in a bottle can also have a positive effect, as can salt or rice. If you put newspaper in the footwell and change it every day, you can prevent the floor mats from absorbing too much moisture and the humidity from rising to the window.

Do not use de-icing spray on the inside

  • Spray that clears the windows quickly is ok, but only if it is from the outside is used. From the inside you should not use, since not only the smell is unpleasant, but the agent can also endanger the health of the vehicle occupants. Materials such as the dashboard can also be damaged.

Avoid heat

  • Running the fan on hot is also not a good idea as heating the window too quickly can crack the glass and require the entire windscreen to be replaced. Worse, of course, is the idea of ​​getting some hot water on the inside (or outside) of the pane.

Why slices freeze from the inside

Excessive humidity is to blame for the pane freezing from the inside. The air humidity is increased more and more by the air we breathe and later it condenses. A lot of heating, rain or snow also fuel the situation. If this air then meets the cold, the high humidity causes car windows to freeze on the inside.

Of course, that wasn't the end of it!

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