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Squeaking noises when driving a car - that could be the reason!

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squeaking noises car 2 squeaking noises when driving because it could be the cause!

Nothing is more annoying than repeated squeaking noises in the vehicle. Regardless of whether it is very quiet or clearly perceptible. What is not wanted by the manufacturer, but still occurs, is extremely annoying. That is why we have already made our contribution "The fight against annoying noises in the vehicle!“Adopted the topic. With our new article, we would particularly like to squeaking noises and point out the possible causes.

common causes at a glance

  • worn or loose V-belts / ribbed V-belts
  • worn V-ribbed belt / tension pulley
  • Defect of the generator freewheel
  • worn bearings on the alternator or water pump
  • worn shock absorbers
  • leaky windows
  • Problems with the driver's / passenger's seat
  • additional attachments on the vehicle
  • changed gap dimensions
  • cracked elbow
  • Turbo damage
  • tire pressure too low
  • worn windshield wiper blades

squeaking noises in the car squeaking noises when driving because it could be the cause!

Squeaking noises when driving a car

If the problem is with the Bremsanlage related: Motorists should know that the Brake pads more often than the brake discs need to be replaced. If the pads are worn out, it will fail squeak from acoustic Brake wear indicator on. This is there to signal to the vehicle owner that it is time to visit a workshop. When visiting the workshop, the noticeable brake pads must be replaced with new ones. If the brake discs are still good, they have to nothing be made. The brake pads should always be changed on both sides of an axle (axle by axle). But the mechanic knows what to do. But you can also do it yourself. You can find out what to look out for in our article "So you can change the brake pads on the car yourself!".

screeching noises in the car Brake wear indicator Squeaking noises when driving because this could be the cause!

Deposits and dirt on the brake

It's not uncommon for them to be on the disc brakes Schmutz accumulates. This in turn creates vibrations that are called squeak can perceive. Pollen, road salt residues, brake dust and rust can be the reasons for this. This is especially the case with cars that have been standing still a lot recently. But you can remedy this very easily: on the open road brake hard, of course only if there is no other car behind it.

squeaking noises car 3 squeaking noises when driving because it could be the cause!

Furthermore, that is also Braking when reversing a possibility to get the brakes "free" again. If the squeaking can still be heard after 100 km and maybe even the braking power reduces you shouldn't wait any longer and go to a specialist workshop. This can then carry out a brake check.

Various objects as the cause?

Since the vehicle can withstand a lot, it can also be the case that a small stone has gotten between the brake disc, brake caliper and heat shield, which can also be responsible for the noise. A workshop can remove it. Sometimes, however, this takes care of itself. Please pay close attention to whether the squeaking of the brakes occurs again after visiting the workshop. Because you have a right to one free reworkif the error could not be resolved.

squeaky noises car stone brake e1618991711626 squeaking noises when driving because it could be the cause!

If the caliper is stuck

The brake caliper can be found wherever a wheel on a car is equipped with a disc brake. The brake pads can be found on the inside. When you step on the brakes, the brake pistons press against the brake disc. Another cause is the infamous corrosion. The brake caliper can then no longer be moved freely and this is expressed by squeaking. The caliper in Self-directed To make it viable again is often a difficult and sometimes impossible undertaking. In many cases, the brake caliper has to be dismantled. With a special repair kit, this is no problem for the specialist workshop. Alternatively, a new saddle may be necessary. Such profound work on the braking system should be done on your own not be carried out and are often impossible due to insufficient equipment.

Defect in the servo pump

This is also known as a power steering pump / power steering pump and it serves as the central element of the power steering. It ensures that the steering force is comfortably supported while driving. If a mechanically driven power steering pump (servo pump) has been installed, a V-belt not properly tensioned be responsible for the unusual noises. Of course, leaks or damage to the servo pump could also cause the squeaking. The problems then mostly arise when steering.

Worn wheel bearings

The wheel bearings are there so that the wheels can rotate freely on the axle. If they are defective, the noises are often perceived as "humming". Other drivers would also refer to these noises as “squeaks”. Depending on the vehicle, the defect in the wheel bearing and the condition of the road surface, a squeak can occasionally occur. If the damage to the bearing is more serious and has not been treated for a long time, then in the worst case the wheel could be permanent and sudden To block. So the workshop visit should as soon as possible be initiated.

squeaking noises car 1 squeaking noises when driving because it could be the cause!

Of course, that wasn't the end of it!

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