Opposite to the lowering - what is an elevation?

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If you want to tune your vehicle, then there are a variety of options for this. The Lowered is a popular variant. But there are also fans who decide to lift the bike and do it on their car. In order to know if a raise is suitable for you, you need to know what it is.

What exactly is a raise?

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The lift kit is a special modification suitable for SUVs and pickups. This leads to a change in the body, which leads to greater ground clearance. There are different effects you can achieve with it. This results in a significant change in look, which is why your vehicle differs from other models and draws more attention. In addition, you achieve an increase in Ramp and Departure Angle, which is of course an enormous advantage, especially off the beaten track. In combination with an upwards routed aspiration (by suction snorkel) it is almost always possible to cross a river without any problems.

Lifting advantages water

What advantages do you have by raising your salary?

For economic purposes, a lift is useful in many cases and sometimes even necessary. For example, if you work in forestry, you need a vehicle that you can drive into the woods without fear of getting into trouble. You can also drive on deep and wet soils with it. A prerequisite is of course always a suitable wheel set, preferably special ones Offroadreifen. Roots and fallen trunks are no longer a problem. The risk of damage to the underbody or other parts is also minimized. The exhaust or the oil pan are now higher. You won't get stuck with these and won't damage them.

Which methods of elevation are there?

If you don't want to spend a lot of money on a lift, there is an easy way to do it. By purchasing tires with a larger diameter and one Leveling Kit (spacers) you can improve ground clearance with ease. However, you have to make sure that the wheel housings are often not designed for wheels other than the standard models. Of course, you can also contact a specialist who will take care of the lift. He has a lot of experience in this field and therefore guarantees that the result will be optimal. In addition, he is liable if damage occurs that is related to a lift. If the tire circumference changes, the speedometer also has to be adjusted, the bodywork possibly processed and everything be registered.

What are the costs for a lift-off?

There are no specific guideline values, because there are different factors. So the choice of the individual products is a point of view. If you opt for accessories from well-known manufacturers, you pay considerably more than with no-name brands. If you are gifted yourself, you can do many jobs yourself, which is why there are no costs for this. Of course, if a professional is going to do it, you have to pay him for it. But beware, here it goes to the preserves and the installation of a Höherlegung is not to be compared with the installation of a Parking aid etc.

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