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Even in the car - online casinos in Germany 2019

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Google Andoid Apple CarPlay 2 Even in the car online casinos in Germany 2019


We are all overwhelmed in advertising by online casinos and online betting, and it feels like a new provider is opening its website for online games and online sports betting every day. Especially in the age of the Internet, it is supposedly easy to get people to try their luck on such portals. Already in ancient Rome it was said that the people need bread and games to be happy. Today, online casinos are rapidly conquering the world, offering more and more games, betting and betting options to keep their users happy.

Use Apple CarPlay, Android Auto and Baidu Carlife for online apps.

In the age of artificial intelligence, in which everything is linked, the car is no exception. Especially models of the upper and luxury class, but also cheaper models such as the Tesla Model 3, a Mercedes A-Class or various Chinese car models, which are already available for just under 20.000 euros, give you the opportunity to update your car with downloads as you know it from your smartphone. Similarly, you can update your features like Apple Car Play, Android Auto or Baidu Carlife to stay up to date.

How Apple Car Play works.

In principle, Apple Car Play is a help with which you can operate your smartphone while driving. So you can access your iPhone directly from your vehicle without having to pick it up - this is also prohibited while driving and not only endangers you, but also other road users. With Car Play, you can use the display of your infotainment system to make calls, read and answer messages, or control your navigation system using Apple's map service. You also have the option of downloading music via iTunes or audiobooks if you are more into it. Almost all programs not only offer a simple user interface, but also make it easier for you to use with voice recognition. More precisely, here comes the already known and as a competition for Amazons Alexa popular language assistant Crab for use. Of course it is also possible with Apple Car Play, one Casino App which allows you to play poker online or to play slot machines. However, you should only use these functions when stationary and not while driving, as this can lead to dangerous traffic situations. We have more information about Apple CarPlay HERE for you!

Apple Carplay Casion Apps Even in the car online casinos in Germany 2019

How does Baidu Carlife work?

The largest search engine service in China, Baidu, offers its service for various Chinese brands, but also for VW, Audi, Daimler, Hyundai or products of the GM group Carlife on. This service shows a free navigation, which is provided by Baidu directly, and in contrast to Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, Baidu Carlife can communicate with devices of both operating systems, which both Apple customers and Android users get their money's worth. Apps can be downloaded with any smartphone and used online in the vehicle.

How Android Auto works.

Android Auto mainly plays on the smartphone. The display of your car's infotainment system is only used as a monitor. If your car has a touch display and its own GPS function, this is also used. However, Android Auto can also be used with cheaper infotainment systems, which are built into the small models of the VW group, for example, and which have to do without touch displays. Among other things, you can use the apps Google Maps, Spotify, Skype and Google's voice assistant Google Now with Android Auto. Operation on the car display is greatly simplified and limited when driving. Many functions, especially more complex ones, are only possible when the vehicle is stationary. Android Auto thus ensures sufficient safety on the road. And the increase is already in the works. Google is already working hard Android Automotive as a permanently installed variant. We have more information about Apple CarPlay HERE for you! And if you want to know how to turn off annoying notifications in Android Auto, just click HERE.

android car 1 Even in the car online casinos in Germany 2019

Online casino games in the car.

With a little effort, all three systems can be equipped with casino apps for mobile entertainment, which you can easily play in traffic jams, in a parking lot or in the garage before you leave the car, if you are bored and still a little bit Want to indulge in entertainment. And even Huawei "Hicar“Would like to join in soon. The times when you had to go to Bad Wiessee, Bad Kissingen or Baden Baden to try your hand at gambling are finally over, as you just have to download the corresponding APP to fully enjoy the casino fun in your Enjoy car. In addition, you don't have to hang around in amusement arcades near the train station, in which mostly only dubious figures are up to mischief and kill time at night with slot machine games. In contrast to these obscure gambling halls, when you register on a casino website, which you can all find on, you have a starting credit that you can use for free to try your luck. So nothing stands in the way of the pleasure of using the car as an online casino. You just have to make sure that you have the guts and that you don't start gambling while driving, as this can be fatal.

Google Andoid Apple CarPlay 2 Even in the car online casinos in Germany 2019

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