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On patrol - optical tuning with pinstriping on trend!

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Pinstriping Ornamental Line Tuning 2 On patrol optic tuning with pinstriping on trend!

The Pinstripe is in English what we know as pinstripes. In terms of optical vehicle tuning, it is the application of decorative lines for the purpose of pure decoration. The Pinstriper (Linierer) brings up really artistic Pinstripes with a so-called sword tug by hand. This is a special brush, also special colors based on synthetic resin paint are used. Alternatively, the color can be applied with a Beuglerrad.

Pinstriping Ornamental Line Tuning 3 On patrol optic tuning with pinstriping on trend!

Pinstriping as a handicraft

Pinstriping had a very big time around the middle of the 20th century, then it went a little out of fashion, today people are thinking about it again. There are also decorative lines as factory applications with an adhesive tape, but of course that is not real pinstriping. This is classified in the overarching custom painting and in the even larger family of Lowbrow Art. It is a kind of proletarian art form that enjoys a special position - there was something similar only in peasant painting, which was created centuries ago, in which simple people without any academic training painted their furniture themselves. This art form still partly exists today. Nevertheless, pinstripers have to work perfectly with their craftsmanship, otherwise this type of art quickly appears banal. Pinstriping is very widespread today in the USA, Finland and Great Britain. The scene even holds meetings called panel jams.

Pinstriping in the context of modern optical tuning

As mentioned, pinstriping was once very popular and widespread, but the fashions are changing. Even decades ago there were very famous pinstripers who applied real masterpieces to cars. But from around the 1980s, optical tuning by airbrush gradually gained acceptance and replaced the more complex pinstriping, and from 1990 tribal was added. A short time later, a few artists and tuners returned to pinstriping, which has since experienced a small renaissance. That had to do with an emerging retro craze. The older cars were no longer sprayed in shiny neon or pastel tones, but instead given a matt primer. High-tech billet add-on parts were no longer used, but instead old accessories such as steel rims, SV motors and cheater slicks.

Pinstriping Ornamental Line Tuning 4 On patrol optic tuning with pinstriping on trend!

In this context pinstriping became popular again. There are different styles for it, but the most interesting is undoubtedly the freestyle pinstriping, in which very often (but not exclusively) thin lines are predominantly applied symmetrically. There are many lines that can have one or more colors and form an abstract, ornamental motif. This can consist of parallels, angles, points and arcs. If the style of the so-called scrollworks is used in pinstriping, artful flourishes are created. The pinstriping styles can mix, there are also combinations of airbrush and pinstriping.

In summary, a few more information about pinstriping:

  • Scrollwork is a subspecies of pinstriping. It consists entirely of ornate Flourishes, there are Mixed forms among each other, and also combinations with Airbrush motifs.
  • real pinstriping is for traditionalists only on the clear coat to raise.
  • Pinstriping and lettering is used to Cars, buses, trucks, motorcycles personalize etc.
  • Pinstriping is one Painting technique
  • are the basis for pinstriping artistic work with fine lines
  • Pinstriping requires special brushes (Pinstriper, sword tug, etc.) for the Mirror technology (this is how symmetries are created)
  • Pinstriping motif not necessarily, symmetrical (they consist of one or more colors, a multitude of thin lines, ornamental design, etc.)
  • the lines often result abstract Motivs Arcs, angles, parallels, points
  • Pinstriping can under or on applied to the clear coat. Likewise the stake on Top coats is possible. The pinstripe colors are then mostly on Email base manufactured. Complete drying can take up to 24h take.

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