Traffic alarm and lightning warning: the Saphe Drive Mini!

Saphe Drive Mini traffic alarm radar detector test report 1 Traffic alarm and lightning detector: the Saphe Drive Mini!


At the very end of the post you will find two linked posts that deal with the traffic alarm and lightning warning system "Saphe Drive Mini". And this post is supposed to be a kind of summary again and also provides a few more findings, because we have of course still installed the device. For our test we even received two vehicles equipped with the Saphe Drive Mini and has since moved several thousand kilometers. And our short one At the end... If we no longer had the device, we would extremely miss the additional vigilance of the Saphe Drive Mini. However, it should not be forgotten that in Germany buying and owning such a device is permitted, but using the speed camera warning should not!

The technology of the Saphe Drive Mini:

  • runs from iOS 11
  • runs from Android 4.3
  • has a Li-ion battery
  • Dimensions: 59,5 x 36 x 15 mm
  • Weight: 115 grams

To buy in Online-Shop of the manufacturer or at Amazon & Co. And with the discount code tuning20 even still exist 20 Prozent especially for tuningblog readers.

Positive in the test:

The scope of delivery includes two angles and a 3M adhesive pad. Here the Saphe Drive locked will. Since there are two angles, there is a chance one device in two vehicles to use. And it's so small that it can find a good place in any vehicle. A test car was a BMW M550i (current generation) and an Audi A3. In the BMW, the device fitted well to the headliner, where the interior lighting is. And it almost looks as if it belongs in the vehicle ex works.

At first we thought the display was a bit small, but it is completely adequate. For each warning there is some information, such as a speed camera and, among them, that speed limit, there is also a bar that visually represents the distance and decreases the closer you get. The display is optimal for these easy-to-recognize symbols and one must not forget also the mobile phone app speaks up in the event of an event. By the way, there is one on the side of the device Micro USB socket. This can be used to charge the battery.

Battery capacity:

The device has one minimal battery consumption and it is a fully automated system. After several months of using the Saphe Drive Mini, including two 14-hour trips to Croatia, the battery indicator is still almost full. And it just takes a few hoursto fully charge the battery. If the device is only used for about 1-2 hours every day, the battery will last for months. Charging is also direct in the vehicle possible using a cigarette lighter charger.

saphe drive mini traffic alarm Speed ​​camera warning 2 Traffic alarm and lightning warning: the Saphe Drive Mini!

A fully automated system that works:

It only requires a one-time setup when starting the app on the mobile phone for the first time. The subtleties can then be set in the app, such as in which distance and in what dangers should be warned and when should which warning tone sound. The app must be used before the journey Do NOT spread pesto on this layer! to be started separately. When Bluetooth is activated, the Saphe and the smartphone connect automatically. If you leave the vehicle, the Saphe Mini switches to the after a few minutes Standby mode. The Saphe app on the phone may need a separate Energy management configuration be allocated.

In other words, the app must not enter the hibernation be moved. This can be quickly configured in the settings of the smartphone and then stays that way permanently. With the Saphe Mini, you are always safe on the move with little effort. The system worked for months in our test perfect. And if a trip is started without the Bluetooth switched on or without the smartphone being present, then warns the Saphe Drive Mini at the beginning of the journey because of the missing connection. Incidentally, it does not matter whether the Saphe Drive is with a Android or with one iOS smartphone is being used. The Drive Mini works absolutely equally well with both systems.

Actively helping others:

For the warning, among other things, the database resorted to. There are tens of thousands of speed cameras stored and largely up to date. Because Millionen use the system and help the database, especially with mobile speed cameras and other dangerous spots up-to-date and live to keep. If the user sees a speed camera that the Saphe does not yet know, a push on the left is enough blue buttonto report the position. This is how the users keep the system up to date.

saphe drive mini traffic alarm Speed ​​camera warning Speed ​​camera Traffic alarm and lightning warning: the Saphe Drive Mini!

And the red button should also help to update the system. If you drive on one Danger point over, then you press the red button. If the device warns and the corresponding button is not pressed, the confirmation is missing and the system evaluates it in such a way that the speed camera or the danger zone is no longer present. The system switches the screen by the way just when there is something to be displayed. Otherwise the display will be off and there will be no unwanted glare or distractions.

A disadvantage:

If you want to use the lightning alarm, you need one Data Connection. If you want to access the data from, you have to be on the Internet. Since the Saphe Drive Mini accesses data from the network in order to be able to warn effectively, it works should notwhen the app is not connected. But since almost all smartphone users have a flat rate, the constant connection to the Internet is certainly not a problem. In addition, modern vehicles often act as their own using a permanently installed SIM card Internet hotspot and thus protect the mobile phone contract.

saphe drive mini traffic alarm Speed ​​camera warning APP Traffic alarm and lightning warning: the Saphe Drive Mini!

Smartphone as an important interface:

In order to do its job perfectly, the Saphe Drive Mini needs, as already mentioned, a Smartphone. Because the Saphe Drive is not connected to the app useless. He needs the right app for his job and it is installed on the smartphone. Without this, he does not know where the speed cameras or dangers are. Incidentally, all speed cameras and danger spots in the vicinity are marked on the map in the app. As already mentioned, the warning occurs via the Smartphone and via the device. Both warn visually and acoustically. Thanks to the Saphe Drive Mini, the mobile phone can be in your pocket or in the Bike Phone Mount stay.

saphe drive mini traffic alarm Speed ​​camera warning Speed ​​camera app Traffic alarm and lightning warning: the Saphe Drive Mini!

At the end... Would we recommend the Saphe Drive Mini? Yes, definitely and without restrictions. However, it is important to know that warning of speed cameras - especially the way - still one legal gray area is. But it not only warns of speed cameras, it also warns of dangers. These dangers also include traffic jams or accidents. And the speed camera function can be used in the app at any time disabled will. The warnings come reliably and completely independently, which is the best thing about the Saphe Drive Mini. Get in, drive off and receive warnings!

Saphe Drive Mini traffic alarm Radar detector Traffic alarm and lightning warning: the Saphe Drive Mini!

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