Do you need the “red flag” when transporting Christmas trees?

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Christmas tree trunk red flag transport fine Do you need the red flag when transporting a Christmas tree?

The Weihnachtsbaum transport by car: From what size do you actually need the "Red flag“At the stern? Every year, including this year, most Germans get one Tannenbaum into the house to decorate it festively. Due to the ongoing corona pandemic, most of it will be Christmas in your own four walls have to spend and solemnly decorate the living room accordingly. But if the Christmas tree is transported by car, it is advisable to pay attention to certain points so that the money is not for a gift instead of a gift Fines (€) must be issued.

"Red flag" during the transport of the Christmas tree

If the trunk is planned for transport, the depth should be measured beforehand. In the case of a transport of less than 100 kilometers, which is probably true in 99% of cases, the tree may at most stick out three meters, for longer journeys no further than 1,5 meters. And protrudes the Christmas tree at least a meter out of the trunk, then because of the Cargo overhang a red flag must be attached to the minimum 30 × 30 centimeters is big and about a Crossbar so that they are kept apart. If this marking is missing or has been attached incorrectly 25 euros fine due. If the Christmas tree does not fit in the trunk, it can be placed on the roof be transported. What needs to be considered there will be explained in our article "Roof transport: it can go up on the vehicle roof!" explained.

Christmas tree trunk red flag transport fine 1 Do you need the red flag when transporting a Christmas tree?

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