Sports exhaust, sound generator, flap exhaust: that's the law!

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Chevrolet Corvette C8 Lingenfelter Extreme S exhaust Corsa Performance 5 sports exhaust, sound generator, flap exhaust: that's the law!

As we know, sound generators are already from the Ministry of Transport verboten. Why and why this is so, we have that in the article "Without words: retrofit sound generators now prohibited“Already discussed. And even if it still no general ban for flap exhaust systems, stricter regulations have been in place since 2018 due to an EU noise regulation. Flap exhaust systems (Variable geometry silencer) are one way of reducing noise pollution from the engine. You can regulate the sound and volume depending on the engine speed and speed. The Saarland Environment Minister Reinhold Jost planned a ban on loud exhaust systems in October 2018. In his opinion, the flap exhaust "no function other than creating a distinctive vehicle noise or unnecessary deafening noise". That is why it was recommended to the federal government at that time to use flap exhaust systems Prohibited by law. So far is (Luckily) but it is still unclear whether this proposal will be adopted at national level.

Sound generators as a retrofit module

A sound generator, in which the engine sound is changed by artificial noises, without affecting consumption or emissions, has been around since 2018 verboten. The Verkehrsblatt 5/2018 states that the Federal Ministry of Transport no longer issues component approval for such devices in the retrofit area. According to the Federal Ministry, the systems contradict the requirements of Section 30 (1) No. 1 of the StVZO. Since then, parts certificates according to § 19 and the obtaining of the general operating license according to § 22 no longer granted.

Active sound sound module tuning e1559734189129 Sports exhaust, sound generator, flap exhaust: that's the law!

Even the acceptance according to §21 StVZO is no longer feasible. Why were you so consistent? In the past, many tuned vehicles had a noise level that was by means of Sound actuator (Sound actuator) was so high that even the maximum permissible index of 75 decibels for a vehicle with 272 hp per ton was exceeded. Exempt from the ban on sound generators, however, are already legally registered systems as well as sound generators for e-cars and the factory-installed systems for diesel vehicles (e.g. Audi A6 C7 TDI). And since July 1, 2019, new types of vehicles with electric and hybrid drives have had to generate a warning noise from 0 to 20 km / h - to protect pedestrians and cyclists. You can do that with a sound generator.

Factory-installed sound generators

The manufacturers are still allowed to install sound generators in the vehicles ex works. But they have to adhere to many new regulations. The sound may be changed, for example, but don't get louder. The apply to cars EU limit values:

  • at most 75 decibels at 272 hp per ton of vehicle mass
  • lauter (i.e. more decibels) only with more power and weight
  • the volume set a link from your homepage to in all driving modes, gears and speed ranges identical (or quieter) be with the driving mode that was used for the respective type approval
  • a another Sound is allowed, but more volume should not
  • Retrofitting exhaust systems with factory-installed sound generators on engines that are not intended for this purpose may be possible verboten (a Difference but it depends on whether the sound module is integrated into the system or not) - absolutely advance Contact a testing organization

Regulations for "the flap" ex works

The noise reform is a step in the direction already stated in order to reduce health risks for citizens. Although strict regulations were introduced on July 1, 2016, there are still options for manufacturers to be able to install a valve system. The higher the power to weight ratio, ie the horsepower per ton, the more lauter the cars are legally drivable. There are four categories. the Noise limits for new passenger cars (passenger cars) with a power-to-weight ratio of up to 163 hp per ton are currently included 72 decibels. Vehicles that are first registered from 2022 will only be available on 70 dB limited. And for cars that are EZ from 2026, an upper limit of 68 dB applies.

Mansory McLaren 720S Widebody Tuning 5 Sports exhaust, sound generator, flap exhaust: that's the law!

A sports car, however, is one Exception. With an engine output of more than 272 hp (200 kW) per ton, an athlete is allowed four decibels louder than other vehicles. However, high speeds and sustained strong acceleration are included in the EU measurement regulations not taken into account. Only one is measured Drive by at constant speed and full throttle on a 20 meter test track and at 50 km / h. And the manufacturers then only have to carry out a test in which the volume is measured in the speed range from 20 to 80 km / h and then confirm that the measurements and acceptance were carried out according to the regulations. You confirm that the vehicles tested (with or without flap exhaust system) comply with the regulations and the state relies on it.

This is what it looks like with replicas!

Stand noise measurement Tuning Police Sports exhaust, sound generator, flap exhaust: that's the law!

If the flap system of a vehicle is louder than the standard exhaust system, then according to the traffic gazette from 2018 it violates Section 30 of the Road Traffic Act (StVO). However, the legislature has no uniform limit value set. We know this from diesel vehicles, for example. There is the maximum pollutant emission (Nitric oxide emissions) from the diesel car set. This does not apply to the exhaust sound. Here it depends on which class it is and the relationship between mass and performance. Currently, as already mentioned, up to 163 hp per tonne may not generate more than 72 dB, while 272 hp per tonne may have an index of around 75 dB. Sports cars with an even higher power-to-weight ratio are even allowed up to four decibels get louder.

Acceptance necessary and when not?

Without an official test by an official test center and without approval, you may do a Flaps Exhaust System do not use it on your car. In Germany and in every EU member state, however, installation is permitted if there is a ECE test gives. Retrofit systems with a EEC mark of approval Incidentally, come directly from the vehicle manufacturer. They are usually offered for a surcharge in the accessories catalog for various vehicle models. And even if the flap exhaust systems are a "ABG certification mark“ (General type approval) owns, then she may without subsequent examination and also without registration can be used in the vehicle registration document. However, such an "ABG" system may just can be used on the car for which it is approved according to the papers. Is not that the case (E.g. the same vehicle type, but different engine), then a presentation at a test center is mandatory.

Flap system how it works sports exhaust, sound generator, flap exhaust: that's the law!

And so is the process with a flap exhaust system, which is labeled "TGA“(Parts certificate) is provided. It must be approved by an officially recognized test center. If that's the case, then you get one Cultivation certificatewhich must always be carried in the car or, alternatively, is included in the vehicle documents from the registration office. and you combine several parts different exhaust systems, then one must one-time permission (EGB) here. Attention: The regulations apply just for flap exhaust systems. They do not affect the retrofitting of a sports exhaust. Tip: What doesn't work at all is that DIY self-made exhaust systems. There is information about this in our article "Is a self-made performance exhaust system legal?".

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