Are e-cars the future in driving schools?

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Every (driving) student has probably dreamed of this: Driving in a Tesla. What sounds like a beautiful childhood dream could soon become reality on a regular basis. Because one change in law last year makes that possible. Below we explain why you now can take the driver's license test with electric cars and what learner drivers should be aware of. The old regulation stipulated that learner drivers who completed the driving test with an automatic vehicle had to take a special Entry in the driver's license got. This entry prohibited driving manual transmission cars. But in April 2021 the underlying law changed: Now this entry is gone! This clears the way for the use of e-cars with automatic transmissions for the driver's license test and you can then even a manual transmission car drive. The regulation goes back to an initiative of the Federal Ministry of Transport (BMVI).

How different are cars with manual transmission and electric cars?

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While driving an automatic vehicle has been common in the USA for quite a while, in Central Europe they had a much worse start. In 2000, only about every fifth new car that rolled off the production line in Germany had an automatic transmission. In the meantime, it is almost every second person, especially because of the high sales of e-cars. The main difference between automatic and manual transmission is simple. In a manual car there are three pedals: brake, gas and clutch. With an automatic there are only two: brake and gas. You squeeze the clutch while manually changing gears with the gearbox. Of course there are also different gears in an automatic vehicle, but shifting between them is done automatically (or just by pressing a button) and have to not from the driver be taken over. Almost all electric cars are automatic. There are some advantages of automatic shifting. Especially for novice drivers, it is optimal that there is practically no possibility of stalling the car. Even shifting gears, which many novice drivers find annoying, is no longer necessary. When starting, all you have to do is move the selector lever from P to N (or R) and off you go.

There are three categories of e-cars:

  • Plug-in electric cars: These are cars that just be operated electrically. You can charge them at so-called plug-in sockets, hence the name. In themselves, they drive completely emission-free, as long as the power generation is.
  • Plug-in hybrid: Plug-in hybrids are cars that are mainly powered by electricity, but extra have an internal combustion engine. You can also fill up with diesel or petrol if the battery is empty and there is no suitable charging station nearby.
  • Hybrid electric car: These vehicles are mainly powered by conventional fuels, but also have an electric battery. This is charged by regenerative braking. With most models of this type, you can switch between the petrol engine and the battery at the push of a button. However, this type of vehicle cannot be charged via a socket. You have to rely on petrol or diesel fuel here.

What should you consider as a learner driver?

Before you get a driver's license, it makes sense to find out what type of test you will be taking. Some driving schools now offer both automatic and manual transmissions. But the odds of driving a manual transmission vehicle are still high. That's for sure: It is much easier to learn to drive with an automatic. However, switching to a switch is then more difficult. And who without previous experience should use a six-speed manual transmission, which may require a few additional lessons. Since April 2021, as mentioned, you can also use vehicles with manual transmission with an automatic driving licence. Whether you do that can, this is not guaranteed!

At the end...

  • In the long term, driving schools will increasingly switch to electric cars and thus to automatic systems. Electric cars may not yet beat their competition on all counts, but they will environmentally friendly and lower those operating cost. At least when the current payable remains. In addition, they look very modern to the younger target group, who are learner drivers. As a learner driver, the crucial question is whether or not you will drive an automatic car after your driving test. Combustion engines with manual transmissions still dominate the streets at the moment!

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