Catalog of fines 2021/2022 - that will be more expensive!

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Fine notice Speed ​​camera fee Objection 3 Fine catalog 2021/2022 that will be more expensive!

The new catalog of fines has been in force since November 9, 2021, following the unanimous decision of the Conference of Transport Ministers and the former Federal Transport Minister Andreas Scheuer. The amending ordinance in the form of a first ordinance with regard to the amendment of the catalog of fines ordinance (BKatV amendment) was announced in the Federal Law Gazette on October 19, 2021 (Federal Law Gazette I p. 4688). The Federal Council had previously approved the BKatV amendment with full votes on October 8, 2021. This implemented a unanimous decision made by the Conference of Transport Ministers and Federal Minister Andreas Scheuer. Here you can find out what drivers need to dig deeper into their pockets for. Tip: With our calculator for traffic violations with the Pkw, The Bicycle or the E-Scooter you can directly see the expected Strafe costs easily.

Significantly higher penalties for speeders

Noise speed camera sound flashers tuningblog2 fine catalog 2021/2022 that will be more expensive!

Those who drive too fast must expect significantly higher fines.

  • If the speed limit is exceeded between 16 and 20 km / h increased the fine is doubled. In urban areas, the warning fee increases from 35 70 Euros, outside built-up areas from 30 on 60 Euros.
  • Points in Flensburg are awarded to those who are in town more than 21 km / h drives too fast.
  • It will be particularly expensive for speeders. Anyone caught in town at around 50 km / h instead of the permitted 91 km / h must now 400 Euros numbers.
  • With the driving ban, everything stays the same. bans threaten within built-up areas if the speed limit is exceeded from 31 km / h. Who out of town 41 km/h is too fast, has to surrender his driving license as well as the, the repeatedly more than 25 km / h too fast, were traveling.

Parking offenders are asked to pay more

Set parking disc car penalty 3 catalog of fines 2021/2022 that will be more expensive!

Since the BKatV amendment, it has also become really expensive for parking offenders. The focus here is primarily on protecting cyclists and pedestrians.

  • For parking on footpaths and bike paths, stopping on protective strips and parking and stopping in the second row, traffic offenders should now use up to 110 Euros be prosecuted.
  • Are other people hindered or endangered by illegal parking in the second row or on footpaths and cycle paths (serious violations), you get in addition 1 point in Flensburg. The same applies to property damage or illegal stopping and parking for longer than one hour.
  • Unauthorized parking in parking spaces for the disabled is also a factor 55 Euros as well as unauthorized parking in special parking spaces for electric cars or for car sharing vehicles.
  • If you park in blind spots such as curves or in the intersection area, you have to pay a fine of 35 Euros expected.
  • Parking and stopping in the parking and stopping ban now costs 25 Euros.

Rescue alley

Road users involved in a traffic accident none Forming a rescue lane have to dig deep into their pockets for this offense. The fine looks 200 to 320 Euro before. Additionally there is 2 points and a one-month driving ban. Anyone driving through the emergency lane must at least 240 Euros pay and get the driver's license for Hand in 1 month. If other people are hindered or endangered or vehicles are damaged, up to 320 Euros due.

Rettungsgasse Autobahn overland form fine catalog 2021/2022 that will be more expensive!

Other violations of the road traffic regulations

  • The illegal use of sidewalks and cycle paths as well as cycle paths and hard shoulders on the left now has a fine of up to 100 Euros result.
  • Even the so-called auto posers now have to up to for their noise and exhaust emissions and useless driving back and forth 100 Euros pay.
  • When turning right, drivers of vehicles from 3,5 t must now drive at walking pace (4 to 7, max. 11 km / h). Violations of this are with 70 Euros punished. If other road users are endangered when turning recklessly, the fine increases from the previous 70 to 140 Euros, There is also 1 point in the driving aptitude register in Flensburg and 1 month driving ban. For cyclists who endanger pedestrians when turning 70 euros due, and there are 1 point.
  • The BKatV amendment also provides for the adjustment of others Fines before, such as for incorrect turning maneuvers or breaches of duty of care that occur when entering or exiting the vehicle.

2021 catalog of fines - sanctions for speed violations Download fines catalog 2021/2022

  • For simple Pkw to 3,5 t Since 09.2021, the following fines in euros apply to exceeding the speed limit:
in townhighway
Exceeding in km / hBcat newBcat new
to 103020
about 70800700
  • With Pkw including trailers / vehicles heavier than 3,5 t Since 09.2021, the following fines in euros apply to exceeding the speed limit:
in townhighway
Exceeding in km / hBcat newBcat new
to 104030
up to 15 (longer than 5 min)160140
about 60800700
  • With vehicles that are traveling with dangerous goods or passenger buses, the following fines in euros have been in effect for exceeding the speed limit since 09.2021:
in townhighway
Exceeding in km / hBcat newBcat new
to 107060
up to 15 (longer than 5 min)320240
about 60950900

Fine catalog 2021 2022 Changes to fine catalog 2021/2022 that will be more expensive!

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