More and more tuned e-bikes - how the police are taking action!

The following calculator can be used to calculate fines for offenses committed by bicycle!


The number of tuned e-bikes continues to increase. The police are falling more and more hot rod electric bicycles on. The best example is now a case from Amberg in Bavaria: the police had to call two e-bike tuners to justice within 3 days, one of whom is with them over 55 km / h uphill been on the way. Crime scene Amberg, Kaiser-Ludwig-Ring: On Monday, March 8th, the local police noticed an e-bike driver who was driving past them at at least 50 km / h - even uphill. But that's not all, the bike accelerates even though the rider is not pedaling. The No-name e-bike but looks quite harmless. As a reminder: a normal e-bike is allowed to drive the driver up to 25 km / h support S-Pedelecs bis 49 km/h. But the latter need one Insurance indicator and one Class AM driver's license. Helmets are also compulsory.

more than double: 55 km/h

As part of a general traffic check, the officers stop the driver of the e-bike. To determine the speed, the rear wheel is raised and the pedals are cranked like on a roller dynamometer. Reading the speedometer is clear: 55 km/h. The driver confesses the manipulation of his e-bike in an interview with the police.

Police E Bike Tuning Speedometer

Officials as specialists in recognizing tuners

The incident mentioned is not an isolated incident, according to the Amberg police. Just two days later, the officers noticed another tuned e-bike that was driving at excessive speed. During the inspection, the 33-year-old driver immediately admits that his e-bike "around 30 km / h“Would be quick. Neither in this case nor in the first case, the drivers may need one driving licence, still the necessary Insurance indicator submit. The cases are increasing according to the Amberg police inspection. In order to detect such manipulations, they have specially trained officers there.

Not only in Amberg, but also elsewhere, the police officers are trained to recognize tuners even when they are not are traveling at increased speed. In Darmstadt, too, a pensioner was recently stopped and the manipulation of his e-bike was discovered. Even without a noticeable speed, the officers could see the tuning. If you get caught, you have to live with a number of allegations: driving without a license, violation of the compulsory insurance law and the motor vehicle tax law. Often, however, the result is a fine.

Police E Bike Tuning

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