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Prevent the driver's license withdrawal with a driving aptitude seminar? This works out! The driver's license withdrawal is already threatening in Germany from 8 points in the driving aptitude register in Flensburg. One way to prevent this is to intervene early Point reduction seminar. Here, however, some Regulate get noticed. For heavy administrative offenses or criminal offences driving license holders in Germany are threatened with points in the driving aptitude register in Flensburg. Approximately 9 million drivers are currently recorded in this register. Maximum 3 points at a time can be added to the account. As already mentioned, if you have 8 points in the register, your driving license will be revoked. Incidentally, the points are automatically deleted after a few years by the FAER (driving aptitude register), but for some traffic offenses the waiting time is longer very long, until all have been dismantled. Is there, for example, a simple administrative offence? 1 point, then this becomes statute-barred after 2,5 years. for one serious misdemeanor you get against it 2 points, and these are only degraded after 5 years. for one criminal offense in traffic you get the maximum score of 3 points, and these are only deleted after 10 years. If you have committed multiple traffic offences, then it can many years take until all points are cleared.

Driving aptitude seminar: the procedure, the costs, the duration

Point reduction seminar Driving aptitude seminar Points

Achieved by traffic offenders overall 4 points, he gets one in the first step warning by post sent. Then he reaches 6 points, then there is one warning. Both letters are by the way charges apply. In order to prevent the impending driver's license withdrawal at an early stage, there is the possibility of using a Driving aptitude seminars or points reduction seminars, Und maximum 5 points on the account, 1 point per seminar to be reduced in the driving aptitude register. However, there is a chance only every 5 years. Providers of the seminars are specialized Driving schools, TÜV or DEKRA. The seminars are mostly held by experienced people driving instructors or specially trained psychologists directed. In a driving aptitude seminar, the participants are made aware of the dangers and the consequences that their illegal behavior means for other road users and for themselves on the road. Participants are supposed to make up for their mistakes learn and develop a heightened risk awareness for the future situation in road traffic. Incidentally, many offenses also occur because the driver simply did not know any better. So it happens that the basic knowledge of road traffic needs to be refreshed. The seminars will be in one traffic-educational and one traffic psychology Part divided and consist of four sessions.

the traffic-pedagogical part

  • The traffic-pedagogical part consists of two group sessions, which last 1,5 hours at intervals of one week. Here, the errors in driving behavior are revealed by means of an analysis by the participating group. Road hazards are also discussed. And there is one Refreshing the details of the road traffic regulations.

Driving school motorcycle

the psychological part of the seminar

  • There are two here one-on-one calls with the participant. These last about 75 minutes. Each individual case of committed traffic offenses is analyzed (Analysis and self-reflection on your own driving behavior) and solutions are worked out so that this does not happen again in the future. A definition of future behavior in road traffic is therefore being developed. The two sessions are usually 3 weeks apart.

Point reduction seminar Driving aptitude seminar One-to-one discussion E1642679604825

The driving aptitude seminars cost around 400 Euros, which must be borne by the participant himself. The seminars are always voluntary and become from 4 points from the driving aptitude register in Flensburg proposed. Most driver's license holders need their driver's license for everyday use or even for work. The points reduction seminars are therefore recommended in order to reflect critically and positively on one's own driving style improve. The trained driving instructors or psychologists can help the participants. A driver's license means a certain amount of freedom sometimes has to give up from 8 points, which can be prevented by such a seminar.

Driving aptitude and advanced seminar is not the same

Driving aptitude seminar or points reduction seminar is a volunteers Method to get points in the driving aptitude register in Flensburg to dismantle. It is intended for drivers who have committed administrative offenses or criminal offenses on the road but have held their driving license for years. A Advanced seminar / a refresher course must instead of novice driversthat in the probation have committed administrative offenses are visited. If the novice driver does not attend this advanced seminar, there is a threat driving ban. In contrast to the driving aptitude seminar, there is an advanced seminar no traffic psychology part, but there is one Practical part, speak a driving lesson with a driving instructor and other "sinners" who analyze the driving style. The teacher and the passengers observe the driver during the driving lesson and in a later discussion give recommendations on how the driver license holder can improve his driving style and drive more safely on the road. You can find more information about this in our article “Advanced seminar (ASF) / follow-up training for novice drivers: the information!".

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