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Smoking in the car: rules in Germany and abroad!

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In Germany it is still allowed to smoke in the car when Bring children or pregnant women with you. Other countries in Europe are much further ahead and are talking Punish with such behavior. In the past there has been a push to get a ban through in this country (a draft law was presented to the Bundesrat in the Bundestag), but one does not know when the vote will be held. If you look at the statistics from the Health Monitor 2015, you can see that 87 % of respondents a ban on smoking in the presence of pregnant women, adolescents and children in the car advocate. So there is a great deal of approval among the population.

Passive smoking is dangerous!

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German cancer research says that Passive smoking represents a significantly higher risk inside a car than in other rooms. The limited space is particularly dangerous when the windows are closed. If the ventilation is then switched off, then it is particularly unfavorable. And children in particular have a major disadvantage due to their fast breathing rate and the less developed detoxification system. For years, smoking has been in countless public buildings and rooms verboten. This includes authorities, restaurants, shops and train stations. If you want to ban smoking in the car, that's one thing private spacewhich is not open to the public. The hurdles to enact a law are therefore significantly higher.

Distraction in traffic!

In addition to passive smoking for the occupants, there are other arguments in favor of smoking in the car to forbid. Drivers often have problems with smokingot full concentration on the road and can be distracted. Lighting a cigarette or expressing it in particular ensures that you are not or only halfway on the steering wheel with your hands and may not be able to react quickly enough. Even if the cigarette falls out of your hand, it can lead to unsightly scenes, as you can panic and lose track of the traffic.

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Even if the legislature has not yet enacted a regulation that bans smoking in the car, there is still the option for some vehicle owners to prohibit it. If you z. B. a Rental car or a Car sharing car rents, it is possible for the landlord to rent a smoking ban to pronounce. If you as a tenant do not adhere to it, then you have to assume that penalties will be due. These have however, be listed in the general terms and conditions. In countries where there is currently a smoking ban in cars there will usually should not differentiated between conventional cigarettes and e-cigarettes. Scotland makes an exception, however, in which the ban is here just in favor of conventional cigarettes. It is therefore still possible to smoke e-cigarettes in the car there.

Of course, that wasn't the end of it.

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