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Car from abroad? The transfer mark / export mark!

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Export plates Customs plates Transfer plates 2 Car from abroad? The transfer mark / export mark!

Anyone wishing to purchase a motor vehicle as a private customer will find that a technical inspection of the vehicle is often not sufficient. If the car is abroad or is purchased privately in Germany, the vehicle usually has to go to Germany by the buyer imported or transferred from the seller's place of residence. Commercial vehicle dealers have more vehicle transfer options than private sellers and buyers. For example, commercial traders can apply for a red transfer sign.

Export license plate - what is it for?

Sell ​​car sale car 2 car from abroad? The transfer mark / export mark!

The transfer number is usually used to transport vehicles abroad. The license plate looks similar to the regular license plate, but has a red border on the right side. Car insurance must also be available to apply for an export license plate. Anyone who wants to bring a vehicle to the buyer as a seller can do so within Germany Kurzzeitkennzeichen use. However, if transport abroad (outside of Austria, Italy, Denmark - especially outside the EU) is necessary, then a transfer indicator may be necessary. The transfer mark is also necessary for the transfer of motorcycles and trailers, not only for cars. An export license plate is also called a customs license plate.

Does the vehicle have a valid registration?

Tuev test body TÜV from abroad? The transfer mark / export mark!

If the vehicle has a valid registration, then it is not absolutely necessary to apply for an export license plate. With valid registration, the vehicle is recognized almost everywhere. However, the seller takes a risk with a registered vehicle. The vehicle must continue to be registered for the transfer and the seller must be confident that the buyer will actually register or deregister the vehicle in question within the period of time that is bindingly agreed and specified in the purchase contract. This has often led to difficulties that have had bad consequences. For example, buyers have already committed speeding violations and the sellers have received the fines. In order to save difficulties, time and nerves, it is advisable that the seller properly registers the sold vehicle and applies for a transfer or export license plate for the transfer. De-registration and application for transfer or export license plates should be done in one step, together with the buyer. So the vehicle is never unregistered.

Transfer number / export number - what does it look like?

Export plates Customs plates Transfer plates Auto from abroad? The transfer mark / export mark!

The export license plate has a red border in which the validity date is stamped. The stamp of the federal state is available in red on the license plate. The license plate is recognizable from a distance due to the red color. The customs indicator should not be with the red one Dealer number plate for flyovers or short trips or the red H number plate be confused. Because with the red dealer number plate and the H variant for the transfer, the complete writing and the frame are printed in red on the sign. For the export license plate, however, only the stamp sticker and the field for the validity period are in red.

What documents to apply for?

When applying for a transfer number, various costs will be charged. But this also applies to other types of approval. Furthermore, defined requirements for the successful application are necessary. The registration certificates part I and II (vehicle registration and registration document) are in valid form. If the vehicle is still registered, then the official license plates should be available. If, on the other hand, the vehicle has been temporarily shut down, the green deregistration certificate is required. Furthermore, a must in the vehicle registration Deregistration note be present if the vehicle has already been deregistered. It is also a valid one identity card or a valid one Passport necessary. There must also be one Car insurance confirmation that the vehicle is validly insured accordingly. Such a confirmation is issued by the car insurance. It has to be one too report submitted, which proves that the main inspection is still valid for the requested period. If all documents are available in a valid and orderly form, an export code can be assigned.

Application also by the seller

Export plates do not have to be applied for by the buyer himself. If cars are sold abroad or bought from abroad, the respective contract partner who is on site can apply for the transfer number. However, it is an application Vollmacht to be presented in a signed form as well as the identity document of the principal and the contractual partner. Transfer indicators can at least 15 days and up to maximum a year to be valid.

in summary the transfer number / export number:

  • for buying from abroad or selling abroad (is used to transport a vehicle abroad)
  • not for private, but only for dealers (commercial buyers / sellers)
  • optically similar to the normal license plate (right side with red border, red badge of the respective state)
  • Vehicle with transfer registration number must be insured
  • Transfer plates apply to cars, motorbikes and trailers
  • Transfer plates are not mandatory if the car sold has a valid registration
  • De-registration and application for the transfer plates should be done in one step with the buyer
  • Required Documents:
    - Vehicle registration document / vehicle registration certificate (registration certificates part I / II)
    - Registration number (if the vehicle is still registered) or green certificate of deregistration (if the vehicle is temporarily shut down)
    - Deregistration note in the vehicle registration document (if the vehicle is deregistered)
    - valid identity card or passport
    - Confirmation of vehicle insurance (special vehicle insurance, often only liability, partial or fully comprehensive insurance is possible depending on the insurance)
    - Proof of general inspection (test report)
  • - Registration by the seller using a signed power of attorney, identification document
  • Term of the transfer number at least 15 days / maximum 1 year
  • Costs of transfer plates arise for tax, insurance according to the period of use, processing fees (according to expenditure for changes and / or reissues of the vehicle documents etc.), international registration certificate, the license plate itself, etc.
  • Transfer markings without TÜV are not possible (HU certificate must apply for the entire duration)

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