Do you want a red flag? But only for dealers!

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red mark 06 mark dealer mark 2 red mark wanted? But only for dealers!

It's hard to believe how many license plates there are on the road. There are, for example E-mark and H-plates, the popular short marks in combination maybe even as License plates or even that Kurzzeitkennzeichen. And today we want to deal with that red Deal with license plates. But one thing in advance: The red mark is like that export plates, NUR reserved for commercial car dealers. Private individuals are not allowed to drive around alone in contrast to the red H mark (07 mark). And not every dealer receives a red license plate either.

The vehicle registration regulation

red mark 06 mark dealer mark red mark wanted? But only for dealers!

Provisions for red license plates have been in the since 2007 Vehicle Registration Regulation (FZV) documented. Before that, the StVO had regulated the receipt of the number plates. According to § 16 FZV the following applies:

  • If it has not yet been registered, a vehicle can be operated for an inspection, test or transfer journey without EC type approval, a national type approval or an individual approval, if it is subject to a motor vehicle liability insurance regulated by the compulsory insurance law is present, you can drive the vehicle with a red mark without prejudice to § 16a.
  • The red license plate serves vehicles that have not yet been registered or have not been approved. Private buyers or sellers need one for the transfer Kurzzeitkennzeichen.

The red number plate saves costs and time for commercial sellers. Therefore, the car license plate is also called a dealer license plate. But not only commercial car sellers are allowed to use the red license plate. Officially recognized inspectors, experts and car manufacturers may also use it. But a car dealer has to meet several requirements to get the red license plate. And the size and shape of the dealer license plate must comply with the known standards. However, they are short marks available as red number. The font is of course red. The license plate is in a red frame at the edge of the license plate. This means that the license plates in traffic can be seen from afar. As with the official license plates, the sequence of numbers begins with the abbreviation of the city or district code. The numbers then always start with 06. That is why the red numbers are also referred to as 06 marks. The 06 then follow a maximum of three numbers. The license plates sometimes have a particularly long term. For this reason, there are several versions that look different.

The advantages - Red license plate for car dealers

red license plate 06 license plate dealer license plate 2 1 e1619428820536 red license plate desired? But only for dealers!
Provided by:
  • red flags are relatively cheap for dealers regarding insurance
  • red flags are configured especially for commercial sellers. Because they have a large fluctuation in various vehicles, which they can usually park unannounced, insure and use in traffic
  • Potential buyers can test the vehicles extensively before signing a purchase contract. You can use a red mark for this. However, the policy holder of the red number must be on board. It may even have to drive the vehicle
  • The seller can use signs that are not permanently bound to a vehicle for all vehicles. This saves nerves, money and time

Dealer identifiers are bound to the following uses:

  • Test drives that serve to prove to the buyer how functional a car is. The test driver must have an intention to buy.
  • Transfers from the workshop to the inspection body or to the approval body by the dealer
  • Delivery trips - After buying a car, many dealers deliver the car. Red markings may be used within the EU

Manufacturers or dealers sometimes also offer driving tests in a motor vehicle with a red number free of charge in order to arouse a desire to buy the vehicle. These trips are no test drives. The commercial mark is therefore for this should not allowed!

  • Test drives - This does not mean the drives of the learner drivers who are currently taking a driving test, but drives by officially recognized experts or examiners who check the functioning of a vehicle. This is also the case with a safety inspection of trucks. The outward and return journey to the test location - for example to a general inspection - may be driven with the red license plate
  • Rides against payment are not permitted with a red mark! This also applies to commercial or functional journeys with the exception of the uses mentioned above. Commercial sellers are not allowed to use cars with dealer license plates privately for shopping trips or on their way to work

Requirements for red license plates

  • a basic requirement is reliability for the red license plates
  • not all dealers can get a red mark
  • there is no legal claim to these signs
  • their allocation is at the discretion of the clerk
  • the red mark includes a logbook

Prove the "reliability"

  • a police clearance certificate
  • an extract from the Central Traffic Register KBA
  • information from the central commercial register

You need the following documents to apply:

  • proof of reliability
  • proof of your business registration
  • an informal application or form
  • a proof of need
  • valid identity card or passport
  • proof of insurance

Red mark - insurance, taxes

Exhaust scandal money back e1562236626584 red indicator wanted? But only for dealers!

Vehicles with a red license plate have no other approval, but still drive on the road. That is why you must be insured too. As with a normal motor vehicle, a dealer can insure this license plate with his liability insurance or with his partial or fully comprehensive insurance. Only when you have paid the relevant taxes do you get the red license plate. The costs involved are manageable and depend on the vehicle type. Motorcycle license plates cost 46,02 euros a year - for the other vehicle types you have to pay 191,73 euros a year. The licensing authority can check the correct use of the red license plate at any time and present it to the dealer without prior notification. Both the license plates and the papers are checked. In this way, abuse can be quickly identified. That is a criminal offense.

in summary the most important information:

  • red license plate is not a transfer sign for private individuals
  • License plate is reserved for commercial sellers
  • The transfer mark for dealers is used for the transport of unauthorized vehicles and for test drives for the dealer
  • the red license plate is NOT vehicle-bound
  • Font is red and a frame of the same color is applied to the edge of the license plate
  • Provisions have been laid down in the Vehicle Registration Ordinance (FZV) since 2007
  • If not approved, motor vehicles may be used without EC type approval, national type approval, individual approval, for test, trial or transfer journeys
  • Compulsory insurance law for motor vehicle liability insurance must be complied with
  • Use is also permitted for experts, inspectors and car manufacturers
  • Car dealers must meet requirements and must not go shopping or go to work
    - There is no legal entitlement to the red license plate
    - Allocation is at the discretion of the clerk
    - Dealers have to prove and even prove their need for dealer identification
  • Motorcycle license plates cost 46,02 euros in taxes annually, motor vehicles 191,73 euros
  • the red license plate includes a logbook and a vehicle registration book (all trips must be listed there)
  • Regulatory authority can check usage at any time
  • Granting can be revoked by the licensing authority
  • Reallocation can be excluded
  • Misuse of the markings is considered a criminal offense or an offense
  • Insurance cover only applies to approved trips

red mark 06 mark dealer mark red mark wanted? But only for dealers!

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