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Traveling with a motorhome - what should be considered?

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Maxus Life Home V90 Villa Edition Motorhome 1 Traveling with the motorhome What should be considered?

Camping with the motorhome is still very much in vogue. But not only because of the current pandemic, holidays with the have been enjoying themselves for years Caravan more and more in popularity. You also have to use mobile homes don't buy right away. Numerous dealers offer mobile homes for hire. But there are a few things to consider when it comes to a motorhome. Especially when it is your first vacation with a camper. Because motorhomes have completely different dimensions and dimensions than conventional cars. This guide deals with all the topics that are important when driving or traveling with a motorhome and what to look out for.

The first trip with the motorhome!

2021 Flowcamper Casper VW T6.1 Motorhome Mercedes Vito 7 Traveling with the motorhome What should be considered?

If you are planning your first trip with a caravan or motor home, you should advance some things need to be clarified and considered. First the Size of the vehicle. Even supposedly “small” motorhomes drive differently than normal cars because of their size. The overview alone is clearly different. Especially when driving backwards. In addition, it should be considered wo is allowed to park such a vehicle and wo is it even allowed to stay overnight in the camper? Simply turning it off and going to sleep may be prohibited under certain circumstances. The question of valid driver's license should also be clarified beforehand. Depending on the weight, a motorhome with the usual car driver's license is perhaps Do NOT spread pesto on this layer! to drive. Also a possible one speed limit should be observed depending on the type of caravan.

Which driver's license for the caravan?

In front When starting the journey, it is essential to check whether the existing driver's license for the vehicle is in place sufficient is. This can be checked using the following criteria:

  • Vehicles under 3,5 tons Weight allowed with driving license class B (Car) are driven.
  • Vehicles up to 7,5 tons Weight already need the driving license of the class C1
    - It is important that those who got their driver's license before 1999 are in possession of the “old” class 3. Owners of the old class 3 are allowed to drive both “new” classes. In other words: With the old class 3, the car driver's license is up to 7,5 tons in weight.

Coach driver's license Truck Motorcycle Traveling with a camper What do you need to consider?

What should you watch out for when driving the camper?

If the driver's license fits the relevant motorhome, the first hurdle has been successfully overcome. Now nothing stands in the way of your camping holiday ... Many think. But there are other aspects that should be considered. Especially your own Safety because of, but also the safety of others. Because driving a motorhome requires Driving experience. On the autobahn, where it is mostly straight ahead for kilometers, appearances are deceptive.

Many underestimate them on bridges Cross winds. Because mobile homes offer significantly more surface for wind. The cutting in after an overtaking maneuver is also to be assessed somewhat differently than with a car. Here it is important to consider the length of the vehicle, especially in the rearview mirror, since a view to the rear is usually only possible via the exterior mirrors. When driving in built-up areas, it is usually particularly exciting with mobile homes. Because only in tight situations do you really become aware of the dimensions of the vehicle. Here the principle applies the strenght is to be found in serenity. If necessary, get out of the car and take a close look before you get infected and cause damage. Driving backwards in particular is usually a challenge.

deal with the vehicle beforehand

When renting a motorhome, the dealer rarely lets the customer drive from the site to vacation without thorough instruction. This offers protection and security for both sides. One test drive usually takes away the first fear and with an experienced co-driver and his tips, the first tour with the motorhome succeeds safely and quickly.

And in addition to simply “driving”, there are also sources of danger when dealing with gas cylinders, The power connection and the On-board toilet. Also the "Load securing“In terms of luggage plays an important role. In the event of an emergency stop, everything should ideally stay where it was attached so as not to endanger the occupants as a projectile. To avoid fines, the Load limits be known. Otherwise there is a sudden risk of expensive surprises on vacation.

If you want to be on the safe side during your first vacation with the motorhome, you can also do special Driving safety training with campers to visit. If you want to dare to approach the motorhome on your own, you should at least start practicing beforehand in a large, empty space. With a co-driver, some situations can be played through beforehand, even in an empty space. Above all, getting to know how to reverse with a mirror and the dimensions of the vehicle.

Where can a motorhome park - where can you stay overnight?

motorhome parking lot parking penalty camping 1 Traveling with a motorhome What should be considered?

The feeling of freedom. This is what moves most people to vacation with the motorhome. But how much freedom does that actually give you?
Too much freedom remains cannot. According to the StVO, you are not allowed to park a motorhome anywhere for an unlimited period of time. You can stand almost anywhere with the motorhome for 10 hours, but without awning and camping furniture. Just the vehicle! So there is no way to go on vacation Campsite past. Offer exceptions separate parking spaces for campers. It is advisable, and before Pick out parking spaces when starting your journey.
Parking is less of a problem even with a motorhome. Because the pure motorhome, without holidaymakers, can of course park like any other vehicle where it is not expressly prohibited (No stopping, no parking, fire service access ...).

Motorhome and speed limit?

The general rule no Speed ​​limit for a motorhome. Here again the total weight decides. However, this only applies to Germany. Other countries sometimes have different regulations. In Germany up to 3,5 tons:

  • Outside the village: 100 km/h
  • Expressway: 120 km/h
  • Motorway: without limitation (recommended max. 130 km/h)

EU speed limit 2022 Chiptuning Black Box 2 Traveling with a motorhome What do you need to consider?

Of course, that wasn't the end of it!

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The caravan load: this must be taken into account!

Load the caravan Camper 310x165 Traveling with the camper What should be considered?

You are not allowed to park your motorhome everywhere!

100er registration 100 kmh registration caravan 310x165 Traveling with the camper What do you have to consider?

4 × 4 camper vehicles for $ 12.000 on Alibaba?

4x4 China Camper Vehicles Alibaba 2 310x165 Traveling with the camper What should be considered?

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