These are the new regulations for tuning the vehicle!

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Slammed Nissan GT R R35 JDM Tuning 10 These are the new rules for tuning on the vehicle!

Changes to the vehicle are known as Tuning designates and enjoys great popularity in every age group, in every country in the world and in every type of vehicle. Despite the corona pandemic, the many visitors to the Food motor show, which is considered one of the largest tuning fairs in this country and a little bit the SEMA for Germany is. But Father State recently made some changes to the vehicle serious novelties made regarding their legal classification. According to the legal basis that regulates vehicle changes, Section 19 (2) of the Road Traffic Licensing Regulations (StVZO) is mentioned here. At the 3 JULY 2021 an amendment to the paragraph has come into force. The exact wording is as follows:

"Vehicle manufacturers, importers and traders may not make any changes or have them made, those for the expiry of the operating license ."

Fine notice Speed ​​camera fee Objection 3 These are the new regulations for tuning the vehicle!

In addition to the new regulation, there were also Adjustments to the catalog of fines in relation to the expiry of the operating license. For a manufacturer or importer who is guilty of such an offense, in the future fines of 800 Euros due. Traders and owners of a Car workshop, Tuner or Parts dealer have to face a penalty of 400 Euros calculate. Regardless of this, accidents caused by illegal changes to the vehicle can also lead to further accidents civil law consequences come. If a tuner who has registered with the Federal Motor Transport Authority as a manufacturer arranges for the delivery of a vehicle whose performance variant is not legalized by appropriate proof, fines will be imposed by 800 Euros.

Another example:

  • A business operator offers vehicle parts, which are not allowed to be used on public roadsbecause they pose a hazard or they have a negative effect on exhaust gas or noise behavior: for each proven case, the culprit is also included 400 Euros asked to checkout. These prohibited components include various light sources that do not have a type approval, as is often the case with various LED or Xenon kits is the case, too Rims without proof of strength, not approved Chimneys as well as dangerous Attachments with sharp edges. Examples of this are diverse Spinner Wheels or rigid projectile shaped antennas.
24 12 2021 Bild Antennenpruefung These are the new regulations for tuning the vehicle!
Incidentally, the prohibited parts also include dangerous attachments (e.g. rigid antennas in the form of projectiles or samurai swords). Image rights: KÜS Photographer: KÜS

It is all the more important to find out about the legal basis advance to inform. Gaps in knowledge in this regard as well as a lack of information on the use of the components for the modification of road-legal vehicles can be uncomfortable high costs cause. The important thing is still clear indicationwhether the use of the offered component to modify the street-legal vehicle is allowed or not.

Slammed Nissan GT R R35 JDM Tuning 3 These are the new rules for tuning on the vehicle!

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