BILSTEIN EVO coilovers for Audi A1, VW Polo, Seat Ibiza, Skoda Scala

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BILSTEIN Audi A1 EVO S 22 BILSTEIN EVO coilovers for Audi A1, VW Polo, Seat Ibiza, Skoda Scala

Brevity is the soul of wit? In modern small cars, the phrase hits the nail on the head. Compact dimensions and low weight ensure enormous driving pleasure, especially when things get a little tight on the road. The nice thing about it: Even a dash of premium in this class no longer has to be done without, as the Audi A1 (GB), VW Polo VI, Seat Ibiza 6F and the slightly larger Skoda Scala prove. With the cutting-edge EVO S street performance coilover kit (RRP € 1207,85), BILSTEIN once again "spices up" the aforementioned quartet. Trackday enthusiasts can also grab the brand new EVO T1 (€ 1907,57).


For the product presentation, BILSTEIN installed the EVO S on an Audi A1: It is immediately noticeable that the wheels are much more solid in the wheel arches. The body also crouches flat on the asphalt in a sporty manner. Thanks to the further developed, internal fixation of the one-piece spring plate, the engineers were able to implement a clearly visible lowering at the front and rear. The chassis on the front and rear axles of the vehicles mentioned can be screwed down between 30 and 45 mm. The look is only one side of the coin, otherwise you could only work with shorter springs.

From a driving dynamics point of view, however, BILSTEIN can only advise against doing this “half-way thing”, as customer Max confirms. He initially relied on this solution for his Audi A1 before switching to the BILSTEIN EVO S, frustrated: "The combination did not go together, so there were unpleasant bumps, especially on bumpy roads.“The technical background: The higher spring rate is not designed for the series shock absorbers, which makes for a less than convincing handling compared to a complete chassis. The result after installing the BILSTEIN EVO S, on the other hand, is a small car that is not only more sporty to drive than with the original setup, but also more harmonious. Max can confirm that: "I drive a lot of country roads to work. And I totally celebrate because I get in a good mood in the morning!“He even thinks the comfort is better than the standard version.


If you want to be sporty not only in everyday life, but also on the racetrack, switch to the BILSTEIN EVO T1. Thanks to the 10-fold dual-click adjustment via a flattering aluminum rotary wheel, the pilot can adjust or readjust the landing gear at any time while it is installed. And that without additional tools! Rebound and compression levels can be adjusted in parallel to your personal driving style, in keeping with the motto “easy to use”. Another important benefit is the variable lowering by up to 70 mm - depending on the vehicle model. This can be varied flexibly at any time without dismantling and noticeably reduces pitching and rolling movements. And last but not least, there is the unbeatably cool tuning look.

General features of the BILSTEIN EVO Performance Line

The coilover kits of the BILSTEIN EVO Performance Line, which are extremely corrosion-resistant thanks to the zinc-nickel coating of the relevant parts, are matched twice: on the test bench and in the BILSTEIN test drive, which takes place on the Nordschleife and the Papenburg test track. The interaction of the fine tuning of the damper identification and the spring enables higher cornering speeds compared to the standard chassis. The damper setting also ensures a noticeably sportier steering behavior. The irresistibly cool tuning look makes you want to take a test drive. Images: Thyssenkrupp Bilstein GmbH

Of course, that wasn't the end of it!

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