Substitute for the cleaning lady in the workshop? The Tesla S6 Turbo!

Tesla S6 Turbo


As a rule, in Office, the car workshop, the car dealer or the booth regularly vacuumed by a cleaner from the tuner/manufacturer. But what if you could automate that? On the one hand, this saves costs and, on the other hand, cleaning can also be carried out at times when no one is present (e.g. at night). And that is exactly what it is suitable for Tesvor S6 Turbo vacuum robot. And that's exactly what we have on offer for you. Because with the code Turbo4099 you can get the Tesvor S6 Turbo on Amazon from now until the end of May for only 259 € instead of the RRP of €379. And what exactly can the S6 Turbo do? 2-in-1 – at once! He can Sucking and wiping simultaneously. And it is no longer necessary to change the dust box and the water tank. In addition, the Tesvor S6 Turbo vacuum and floor mopping robot is equipped with laser navigation and on top of that there is a super powerful one Suction power of 4000PA. Due to the 5200mAh battery capacity an operating time of up to 150 minutes is possible. This is of course an important criterion, especially in the car dealership mentioned, so that everything is vacuumed the next morning and the customers can come.

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With its price of 400 euros, it is a mid-range device and, according to online reviews, the S6 Turbo does its job extremely reliably. The majority of users rate the suction and wiping performance as absolutely satisfactory, and especially the low volume in quiet mode is a plus. And who once with the free App has dealt with it and has narrowed down the areas of the car dealership, the office or the apartment accordingly, you can rely on the vacuum robot to do its job reliably and regularly. Anyone who is already looking for a vacuum robot and needs something that keeps the office "clean" will be satisfied with the S6 Turbo from Tesvor. Especially in the long run and when everything is set up correctly in the app, the S6 Turbo is extremely helpful.

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