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Comfort at a low price: retrofit automatic lighting!

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Retrofitting automatic lighting Automatic light Comfort at a low price: Retrofitting automatic lighting!

Light sensors are no longer a rarity in modern vehicles. No matter whether small Smart or large Mercedes S-Class, at least in the surcharge list they are for solid to have all the cars. The sensors control the exterior vehicle lighting and the lights come on automatically, for example, at dusk, in the dark, in rain or in a tunnel. The fully automatic light control is also known as a driving light assistant and is often the same as one rain sensor and a Beam assistant installed. If you want to equip your older vehicle with a driving light assistant, you can retrofit the light sensor for the vehicle. The following explains in more detail what should be considered when buying such a light sensor.

Increase security and comfort

Retrofitting automatic lighting Automatic light 2 Comfort at a low price: Retrofitting automatic lighting!

A light sensor and the associated electronics can provide more safety on the road and at the same time increase the comfort when driving a car. The driver no longer has to think about when to switch on the lights and can no longer forget this when entering a tunnel. The driving light assistant takes over this function and switches on the light in tunnels and at a certain level of twilight. However, the sensitivity of the sensors is crucial for the optimal functioning of the driving light assistance. Light sensors for cars are available commercially as retrofit kits, which have an adjustable sensor sensitivity.

Retrofitting a light sensor - what should you watch out for?

Retrofitting automatic lighting Automatic light 3 Comfort at a low price: Retrofitting automatic lighting!

While newer vehicles already have light driving assistants, interested tuners can retrofit the light sensor in their car for relatively little money. There are models available in stores that can be used for SUVs, cars and vans. The vehicle suitability is specified in the product descriptions. For example, a product description states that the light sensor is suitable for 12-volt vehicles as well as vans, SUVs and cars. When buying, you should pay attention to values ​​such as current and supply voltage. The vehicle and the light sensor must be compatible with the vehicle electrical system in terms of voltage and current. The product descriptions indicate the possible supply voltage, for example 9 to 15 V DC, and current, for example <= 30 A. Furthermore, when buying a light sensor for retrofitting the car, care should be taken that the sensor does not perform an uncontrolled OFF / ON switch, for example in the shade, and that there is no other impairment. The light sensor should work smoothly and stably in all lighting conditions. Another important factor is the response time. The sensor should guarantee a quick start that only takes less than 1 second. If you want to retrofit a light sensor that can be used universally, you should make sure that the device can be used for both negative and positive light control.

first look at the manufacturer's accessories

In our opinion, it should always be checked before buying whether the manufacturer may also offer an option for retrofitting. At first glance, this variant is usually the most expensive, but one can assume that the sensor is compatible with the respective vehicle and works properly. Furthermore can this variant is also special favorable prove. This is the case if the manufacturer has already installed the wiring in the vehicle and the sensor in the windshield. Often, the driving light switch in the cabin only has to be replaced and the new function may have to be activated.

How does a light sensor for the car work?

The light sensor is an optical sensor that determines the degree of brightness on the windshield. Depending on the level of brightness, the headlights are switched on automatically and switched off again as soon as it is sufficiently bright. The permeability to light depends on the windscreen, which is why the sensor sensitivity should be adjustable. The light sensor should also be able to be switched on and off manually. This should be taken into account when buying a light sensor for retrofitting the car.

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Retrofitting automatic lighting Automatic light 4 Comfort at a low price: Retrofitting automatic lighting!

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