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Full pot power - the vehicle as a dragster conversion!

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top fuel dragster in lamborghini Volle Kanne Power the vehicle as a dragster conversion!

Dragsters are known from the drag race and are therefore designed for acceleration. A dragster has high horsepower and is also used in Germany for speed races. Drag racing is also called drag race designated and the vehicles are modified accordingly. What high horsepower the cars can have and what a dragster conversion on the car means is explained below.

high horsepower wanted

video completely abnormal 1970s full pitcher power the vehicle as a dragster conversion!

Dragsters have high horsepower to be able to cope with an acceleration race. The enormous KW and PS performance can be several thousand. The Dragster's drive wheels are wider than other racing cars. When dragsters drive in appropriate acceleration races, they are usually driven for a quarter of a mile. This race distance corresponds to 402,34 meters. The dragsters drive on the so-called drag strip.

where does the race come from, which engines?

Dragster Dragster conversion Full can power the vehicle as a dragster conversion!

The race originally comes from the USA and the dragsters also drive in professional classes in Europe. Dragster races are not unknown in the tuning scene. So-called stick block motors are used in the professional classes to drive the dragsters. If you want to use the tried and tested eight-cylinder OHV variants, the one below Camshaft should know that these are only allowed in the professional classes if they were installed in muscle cars or other American sports cars of the 60s and 70s. There are also variants with aircraft turbines. Dragster motors should have high torque, even at low speeds. That is why the engines are long-stroke and not, as with other racing engines, short-stroke. The displacement can be more than 14 liters in such naturally aspirated engines. The turbocharged variants have a displacement of approximately 8 liters. Torques of up to 9.000 rpm are generated. Normal fuels are not enough to achieve such performances. Nitromethane or methanol used as fuels in acceleration races.

Conversion to a dragster - what should be considered?

Dragster Dragster conversion 2 Full can power the vehicle as a dragster conversion!

High-horsepower cars are often converted to dragster vehicles. But there are also hobbyists who convert small cars, vans, buses or even trucks into dragsters. In general, it is advisable to have the dragster conversion of a car carried out by a specialist. The cars are modified for driving in an acceleration race, but are not approved for road traffic. The legal component should be clarified before the conversion. Tuning workshops that specialize in a dragster conversion are the right contacts. The cars have to be extensively modified to become a dragster. The vehicles also have to endure the enormous speeds after the conversion. Experienced or specialized tuners know what is important in the acceleration race and can take care of a corresponding conversion of a vehicle to a dragster. And they also know which legal requirements (drag racing regulations) have to be met.

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450 PS AUDI RS1 A1 GB quattro widebody tuning 2019 2 1 310x165 full can power the vehicle as a dragster conversion!

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Coupe conversion second% C3% BCrer Tuning 4 310x165 Volle Kanne Power the vehicle as a dragster conversion!

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Mercedes G500 4% C3% 974% C2% B2 Hans Cabriolet Jon Olsson Tuning 24 310x165 Volle Kanne Power the vehicle as a dragster conversion!

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Engine cover carbon cover engine cover 2 310x165 full can power the vehicle as a dragster conversion!

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