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Stable parked - lifting supports for the camper / camper

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Lifting supports Autolift Camper RV Tuning 2 Stably parked lifting supports for the motorhome / camper

Anyone who wants to align a motorhome or a camper horizontally or horizontally in order to optimize the comfort is usually dependent on jacks. The goal is always to have that motor home stable and to have a good alignment of the interior. If the vehicle is only standing on the tire, then the complete vehicle is aimed at the ground. If this surface is not straight, the interior is also awry.

Autolift system: stable position!

Lifting supports Autolift Camper Camper Tuning Stably parked lifting supports for the motorhome / camper

With an 4 column system, mostly made of electric props (rarely from hydraulic supports), the vehicle can be automatically or manually leveled quickly and easily, so that a safe and horizontal state results. This is necessary especially on uneven or sloping ground. These leveling systems increase the comfort and functionality of a camper or camper.

Lifting support system - retrofitting is worth it!

Lifting supports Autolift Camper RV Tuning 3 Stably parked lifting supports for the motorhome / camper

If the vehicle is not primarily equipped with an Autolift support system, retrofitting can usually take place. Here are some things to consider. Most of the jacks are folded out electrically under the vehicle and then raise it at four points. Fully automatic, the vehicle is then brought into a horizontal position, so that differences in level can be compensated (within the lifting height of the columns). These systems are available as a variant with two supports to stabilize the rear and on the other hand for even more comfort than the 4 support system for fully automatic horizontal positioning. The drive of the lifting support system via the 12V electrical system; usually very robust components and motors are installed; Weather resistance and longevity are of course guaranteed in the necessary outdoor installation. Only rarely are the systems hydraulically operated, but this reduces the maintenance effort considerably. Most can be retrofitted to all popular campers and RVs. In order to avoid overloading the chassis, the supports are stable and can only be installed at certain points. For pivoting the support under the vehicle a clear height of about the 30-35 cm is usually required so that the supports can be folded out. Then the camper moves automatically and electrically to a stable position, provided that the ground is not too slanted or uneven.

Lifting support system: technology for more comfort

Usually two tons per support can be lifted so that there is enough reserve even for heavy mobiles. The static load capacity of the supports is often significantly higher and can be up to five tons. The controlled extension of the supports protects the chassis and structure, as torsional forces caused by twisting are avoided. In addition, the tires are relieved as well as all components of the chassis in general. Before retrofitting, the compatibility with the desired motorhome chassis should be checked; installation is possible using an adapter, but requires appropriate knowledge. Depending on the system, the lifting height is between 180 - 200mm and the support length 300-450mm, whereby various extensions can be installed here.

the following video shows you the system

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Lifting supports Autolift Camper RV Tuning 4 Stably parked lifting supports for the motorhome / camper

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Smava tuning blog credit 12 e1618563898711 Stably parked jacks for the motorhome / camper

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