Data display for the air vent as an additional display!

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Data display data display installation ventilation nozzle tuning data display for the air vent as an additional display!

A small data display for installation instead of the ventilation nozzle is interesting for tuners who want to have an overview of all important data from the vehicle, especially the engine. The display is when matching Racing and Tuning vehicles installed in the ventilation duct. Depending on the vehicle, this can be done in the ventilation duct under the navigation system (see BMW) or at another suitable location. You can use the display vehicle- and depending on model useful additional functions can be controlled. The display can, for example, have a Touch Screen to be served.

Data display for the ventilation duct

The data display for the ventilation nozzle is available for a specific vehicle and, depending on the vehicle type, can be installed in a tuning vehicle or in a racing vehicle. It ensures that the driver always has an overview of all important vehicle data. Depending on the model and vehicle, a Performance indicator respectively. Also Speed (with GPS alignment), water temperature, Oil temperature, battery voltage and Transmission temperature can be displayed depending on the engine and vehicle as well as the type of display. Additional functions and displays can read out torque calibration, fault memory from the engine (delete if necessary), boost pressure (target value and actual value), charge air temperature, air mass, injection time, ignition angle, rail pressure, lambda value, fuel pressure, oil pressure, calculated exhaust gas temperature and various time measurements (e.g. 0-100, 100-200).

Data display Data display installation ventilation nozzle Tuning 1 Data display for the air vent as an additional display!

Display setting options

The display can for example be manual or automatic Brightness control so that the driver can optimally read the data from the display. The data display for the ventilation nozzle (the ventilation duct) is available, for example, in fully graphic touch versions. Depending on the model, the display can offer many colors and the driver can adjust the color setup himself. They can do that too Actual displays that Oil temperature affect. If the data display and the vehicle model offer the possibility, then the oil temperature can, for example, be displayed in certain temperature ranges with the colors green, yellow and red.

Data display Data display installation ventilation nozzle Tuning 2 Data display for the air vent as an additional display!

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Additional displays and functions can be possible via a display for the ventilation duct. For example G-force indicator as well as lap time including switching time display are shown in the display during manual switching. Depending on the model, you can also control the exhaust flap as well as the control of the Active sound design (Sound tuning) as functions. The display should also have the option of language setting have. Common language settings are German, English, Dutch, French and Italian. In order to have the most important data at a glance, the display should have a dashboard that the driver can equip with freely selectable values. The display should also be optional connection options for sensors (oil pressure, exhaust gas temperature, oil temperature, etc.).

Data display for the ventilation nozzle - possible uses

Such a data display is interesting for racing vehicles and tuning vehicles. A data display with versatile functions can be useful for races and at tuning fairs. In a race it is important to have an overview of all the data and to be able to take countermeasures quickly if necessary. At tuning fairs, a data display with its versatile functions quickly becomes a looker. The installation position in the ventilation nozzle is a very discreet and inconspicuous variant. However, one does that too vehicle-specific fit necessary. In addition, you have to be aware of the one of the air vents afterwards disappeared is. A optimal Ventilation of the cabin is with it should not more guaranteed. Usually the difference is that there is one missing nozzle, but it can be gotten over.

A high quality data display is provided by the manufacturer regular updates and with it new functions. Sometimes the control of a Backup camera, the representation of Cruise Control up to the individual welcome logo. However, this depends on the purchase price and the connection options. Such a display can also be a whole Board computer replace

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Data display Data display installation ventilation nozzle Tuning 3 Data display for the air vent as an additional display!

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