What actually is a hot dog resonator / hot dog muffler?

Hot Dog Resonator Hotdog Muffler Exhaust Installation

If you use the term "Hotdog Muffler“Hears, it's hard to imagine what that means. But people with a little understanding of tuning know what it means. But what exactly is it and what is it installed in the car for?

Use of the hot dog muffler!

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The main job of the hotdog muffler is to make the engine sound with a too loud sports exhaust system too dampen. The sound is transformed into an acceptable and pleasant pitch. Technically speaking, the sound waves coming from the engine are reflected differently to create a special sound. Often times the hot dog muffler is added to an overly loud performance exhaust system. He reduced the sound waves that are not captured by the main muffler and removes resonance and roar. Simply put, the hot dog muffler is like that Volume control, and the resonator (hot dog muffler) is the Tone controls. You need both for an efficient system. info: A sports exhaust system with a main muffler will be quieter than a hot dog resonator. Which, in turn, is quieter than if only a straight piece of pipe is installed.

Hot dog muffler size options

The hotdog muffler is available in different sizes in terms of diameter and length, depending on requirements. However, the diameters are often similar. In terms of length, however, there are sometimes big differences (9 "or 12" are common formats) and a few things to consider. Basically, the longer the muffler, the quieter the noise from the exhaust. This is a simple basic rule, so everyone can decide for themselves which one diameter and for which Length he decides. Of course, the hot dog silencers also differ slightly in appearance. The basic shape is mostly the same (narrow and straight).

Almost all suppliers rely on stainless steel silencers for their manufacture. Hotdog mufflers are particularly often installed in athletes. But even in "normal" vehicles, the silencer can usually be installed with little effort. For those who want a good and clean sounding car, a hot dog muffler is the way to go. The intelligent design allows only that Rudeness of the sound without affecting the volume. After all the advantages, however, it must also be mentioned that the muffler only are rarely legal. Especially for use in Germany!

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