What is a universal jack support for?

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Jacking Point Jacking Point Tuning e1600489331585 What is a universal jacking point for?

A universal jack support is used to quickly raise the vehicle. The jack mount is attached to the vehicle, or more precisely, to the existing screwing points and is available in variants that disappear completely behind the bumper. With a universal jacking device, for example, the rear wheels can be lifted quickly and the rear tires changed in the shortest possible time.

Universal jack support - what for?

Jacking Point Jacking Point Tuning 3 What is a universal jacking point for?

The universal jacking point is also known as jacking point and is less complex than that Air jack system. Such an article is usually mounted on the existing OEM screw-on points of the cross member and is intended to ensure that the vehicle can be lifted quickly with a special jack. The entire rear area of ​​the vehicle can be raised with the jacking point without using the differential, for example, as an emergency solution. This also has advantages if the vehicle only has a low ground clearance. At an event where the rear wheels have to be changed quickly, a universal jack support is also an advantage. The article is also interesting for other work on the vehicle.

Universal jack support - easy assembly

A jacking point is mounted on screw points that are already on the vehicle. The items are available as plug & play versions and are designed in such a way that the original screw-on points for the rear bumpers are retained and the jacking point even disappears invisibly behind the bumper. The universal jack support, for example, consists of powder-coated, galvanized steel materials and is available in robust and durable versions. PS: They are also available as so-called Bash bar. So a protective frame that has integrated the jack support.

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Jacking Point Jacking Point Tuning 4 What is a universal jacking point for?
no more lifting on the diff necessary

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