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In short, the seasoning is the short feature!

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short license plate US Model Tuning 4 In a nutshell, the spice is the short feature!

Most lovers of American vehicles will know them: the short License plate. Tuning fans also like the short license plates for a variety of reasons. They are space-saving, simply look better, and can even become a status symbol. Especially in combination with a self-chosen number and letter combination as a so-called License plates. In this country, however, the short signs are increasingly difficult to get or you have to know how to get them. In the following article you will learn everything important on this topic

How to "maybe" gets:

short license plate US Model Tuning 2 In a nutshell, the spice is the short feature!

The admissions office is the first hurdle. In fact, the rabbit is in the pepper here: because some things are at the discretion of the clerk at the admissions office. In principle, short labels are not prohibited. Nevertheless, there are many admissions offices that simply deny the issue and give you the normal "baking sheet“Want to turn on. In such a case it can certainly be beneficial to maintain good contact with the local registration office. In addition to having a good relationship with one or the other employee of the admissions office, there are other tactics for handing out. One of these reasons is the design of the vehicle. Unfortunately, this is often only the case with American vehicles. Because here the area for the license plate is simply kept smaller. This also applies to German vehicles that are registered in America. Example is this VW Jetta US model (known in this country as VW Bora). It comes in the US with a smaller license plate recess ex factory. If you are in this country owner of such a model then stand, the chances well that you get a short license plate.

no guarantee - differences depending on the registration office

Approval office License plate In the short term the wort is the short license plate!

But even then it may be necessary to prove some things in addition. It is often argued in the design by the Admission Board that a conversion to the European standard size is easily possible. For example, by the simple exchange of the tailgate. If this is required of the office, then it will be difficult. You have to prove that a conversion to the standard size ...

  1. ... technically can not be is possible
  2. ... is not permitted under the law
  3. ... the so-called Engschrift is not possible
  4. ... or the whole thing is not economically reasonable

Often the first two points are already gone. And also the third and fourth point is difficult. Point 3 can often be the solution, but it still looks ugly. So there would only be point number 4. But the point is only relevant if the conversion is more than 5% of the current vehicle value. A used tailgate is often already under 100 € (in the case of the VW Jetta / Bora) and added only the cost of one any Painting and installation. Especially for a modified vehicle, the costs should not exceed the 5% hurdle of the purchase price. But if one satisfies all the points or can talk away, then theoretically the way is clear for a short mark.

no import vehicle? The possibilities…

In this case it is of course more difficult. But not impossible. First of all, after rejection, you should immediately contact the main administration of the responsible admissions office. There they should recount that you have purchased a cheap bumper / tailgate for the vehicle. This was already completely painted and assembled. However, they only found out afterwards that this is a US bumper. The license plate recess is much too small for the standardnumber plates, In a request at the registration office you could not help you and the short license plate has been denied. Since it would be a high economic effort to retool the car, ask for the issue of a short license plate.

could work…

The method just mentioned could work like this or in a slightly modified form. You may need a little patience here. But it will usually be worth it. But it always depends on the district where the vehicle is to be registered. If many US vehicles are already registered there or there are many tuned cars on the road, it could be more difficult to get a short license plate. The initials of the city / district also play a role. There are "unfortunately" many factors that influence the subject. Alternatively, there are also license plates with so-called "Engschrift". The middle script is normally used as the font for letters and numbers in this country. The narrow script enables the numbers and letters to be printed narrower. But even this is only permitted in exceptional cases. At the end... Unfortunately, it often works with the short license plate not without tricks. Nevertheless, it is possible.

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short license plate US Model Tuning 5 In a nutshell, the spice is the short feature!

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