More power with a throttle spacer kit!

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Throttle body spacer Trottle Body 2 e1582800089452 More power with a throttle body spacer kit!

A throttle valve spacer kit is intended for the engine of the car and is commercially available for vehicles, type-specific. The spacers enable an increase in torque and engine power. This means that both the horsepower and the torque can be increased using this relatively simple method. Of course, this affects the liveliness and speed of a vehicle and is therefore interesting for the tuning scene. Exactly how a throttle valve spacer kit works is explained in more detail below.

Drosselklappenspacer kit

Throttle Body Spacer Trottle Body Spacer More power with a throttle spacer kit!

A throttle valve spacer kit ensures a strong swirling of the intake air. The swirling when the engine is sucked in creates higher falling speeds. As a result, the engine is filled with more oxygen and the torque and power are increased. Throttle spacers are commercially available, for example, for the Dodge Ram. A throttle spacer kit for the car engine of the Dodge Ram is, according to the description, able to increase the torque by up to 35 NM. Furthermore, the power should be increased by almost 20 hp. The throttle valve spacer kits for the Dodge Ram are characterized by high-quality and lightweight materials. When buying such a throttle spacer kit, the exact car type must be observed. Furthermore, the throttle valve spacer kits are only sold to fit car types of very specific years of construction and engines. Such a kit is not a flat rate for every Dodge Ram (naturally also applies to other manufacturersr) available.

Throttle valve spacer - what to look for when buying?

Throttle body spacer Trottle Body 3 More power with a throttle body spacer kit!

When buying the throttle valve spacer kit, in addition to compatibility, the possible increase in performance should also be taken into account. The manufacturers of the kits state the maximum possible increase in power and torque and whether further modifications are necessary. The materials that make up the kit are also specified. It is advisable to use very light materials and patented throttle spacer systems. For example, robust and very light aluminum is used as the material. The throttle valve spacer kit should be installed correctly and its functionality checked. The right contact persons for installation can be found in specialist and tuning workshops.

Throttle valve spacer - what's the point?

According to the provider, using a throttle valve spacer brings more power and thus provided a positive surprise when the accelerator pedal was depressed. In various forums, for example, it is even described that the torque has increased above the specified 30-35 NM and that the increase was present immediately after installation. Furthermore, the gas intake should improve and be more spontaneous. According to the user, the accelerator pedal should be depressed less to reach higher speeds quickly. The acceleration should be noticeably improved. However, the tuning enthusiasts point out that nothing changes in the top speed, but only the torque and acceleration are subsequently improved. In any case, the relevant vehicle is important here, so that no general statement can be made.

Throttle valve spacer kit for the engine - conclusion

The installation of a throttle valve spacer kit is interesting for the tuning area. With such a performance throttle valve spacer, the intake air is more swirled, so that a higher falling speed is achieved during intake. This achieves a stronger filling of the engine and causes the kit to increase torque and horsepower. The responsiveness of the vehicle also improves and the car accelerates faster. A throttle valve spacer kit is suitable for different types of cars and car years (e.g. Jeep YJ Wrangler, Cherokee XJ, Comanche or Ford Fiesta ST 180/200 etc.) available. When buying, compatibility and quality materials should be considered.

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Throttle body spacer Trottle Body 4 e1582800311463 More power with a throttle body spacer kit!

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